How to Survive Your Graphic Design Job: 5 Tips for In House Designers

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33 thoughts on “How to Survive Your Graphic Design Job: 5 Tips for In House Designers

  1. I've had soo many times where I have to keep my mouth shut and just give them what they want. I cringe working through it and hate the result, but you do just have to deliver what they want it's so true. Great video!

  2. My job just got rid of pensions when they sold the company 😔. Luckily I have my design career to build up. 😊 brand building!!!

  3. Great video!! On the fence about going to a design firm or just keep building as a freelancer 😩🤔. Wanting to leave my blood sucking warehouse job in the next 18 months.

  4. I was an in-house designer made Art Director for 40 years. All of your comments are right on. Been there, done all of it. These days "in-house designers" may not be trully "in-house" but from anywhere in the world. Your comments apply to most any job that is for sure. I could speak volumes on the matter but you've put it nicely in a few succint comments. Well done!

  5. Awesome points Roberto, a lot of this sounds like what I've been hearing from another channel I'm following called "The Futur." They talk about "pivoting" and having constructive business conversations. Great stuff.

  6. Wow, you don't understand how going against your "boss" is similar to overseas basketball. I have to shut up and just do what my coach tells me. Even if it doesnt even make me better as a player. Smh wow… gotta share this video.

  7. I think that, as a titled graphics designer myself, working with a "creative director" that never studied a degree in grpahics design and does not understand the basic design concepts or thinks that do understand but completely misses the point, is one of my worst nightmares, and I'm living it right now.

  8. Hey Roberto, got a couple questions…
    • I'm searching for a job for the 4th time since early 2014( started looking again last August ) and I've noticed this time there's a lot less job postings for graphic designers than usual. Are a lot of places cutting back? That's what it seems like with my past couple jobs. I was laid off due to the company cutting back. I recently started looking in cities in other states because Indiana overall doesn't seem very active.
    • And if the next place I work at ever gets slow, Is it a good idea to ask my manager what else I can do to help? I noticed in my previous 2 jobs, my department workflow got really slow right before being laid off.

  9. I love how the thumbnail for this features the Surface Pro and Surface Book. Really glad you're enjoying them – they're great for creatives!

  10. I've experienced all of his tips throughout my career. I agree 100% with everything said in this video. I would share this on Facebook had I not friended some of my co-workers

  11. Yes! All these points! I deal with all this every day. I'm at the wrong place. No way to move upward, they refuse to even pay me what they originally offered. I'm just waiting for my two year mark so that I can move on with the the "experience" that I didn't have before because nobody wanted to count my freelance work as experience.

  12. I've gone through every single last one of these. I always wonder about people who will hire an expert, and then undermine them. It's like they just wanted a more talented pair of hands to control, and that kind of micro management can be pretty frustrating.

  13. I great tip is to actually screen-record some complex work-throughs for future reference, there's some things I only do a couple of times a year and I don't have time to relearn it.

  14. This is exactly what I needed to hear right now. I started my first in-house role back in Feb, and I do like it, but I have also been surprised at a few things. The anxiety and being overly emotionally invested in my work for one. I'm also surprised that even as a pretty introverted person (well introverted in person anyway) how much I miss working with other creatives. I didn't think being the only creative in an office full of engineers and sales folks would feel so creatively lonely to me since I'm usually so independent, if that makes sense. I've also realized how bad I am at putting my foot down on how a creative process should go, mainly in insisting that content be finalized before I sit down to design. I've said that, but it can be so frustrating when you've been told content is good, then when you send the final proof out for approval before going to the printer, all of a sudden a ton of it needs updated pushing the timeline back weeks. I'm also not good at saying no to things, especially since I'm also functioning as our only marketer as well as designer so I often end up agreeing to more than I should. This has been a great learning experience though and has also taught me much about myself as a creative. I'm thinking sometime in the future I'd like to make one more move, eventually, to a marketing/ad agency. I think that despite my tendency to be introverted, a collaborative creative environment like that would be perfect for me to spend the rest of my professional career. Love these types of videos! Please keep them coming! 👍 ~ Rachel

  15. That happened to me but not about the art direction, instead it was about technical stuff. The art director also the agency owner was old school and he disliked how I use the softwares. He wanted me to use screenshots to present previews to client I just liked to save the image because with screenshots you dont have anti-alising, also some times the mouse or a selection get in the way. Anyway he always scold me for doing that, for something that stupid not only that but he always was trying to scold me.

    I get your point about not trying to outshine the master, I thing that you have to do what they tell you to do(they are paying for it). Anyway great video as always.

  16. Agreed on #3. In that case, how do you go about creating portfolio pieces that look great and do not show subordination to your boss or owner.

  17. I work as a house designer at a library and the library director just loves cluttered design. All of signage is cluttered. All of our newsletters are cluttered. The website is cluttered. Then when I present something that clean and minimal, she finds a way to clutter it up…not to mention that she stretches my elements and texts. Being empathetic, I asked her one day why she likes this..her excuse was "the less pages we create the less money we spend." So sacrificing quality to save a dollar is more important. Sometimes I feel like nothing I make will be good for a portfolio because I don't have control over my budget and because she gets the final say creatively.

  18. The last tip was one that got me bad, i didn't separate those two thing. Which after the point where i felt like i didn't have it in me anymore. I was unhappy at work and unhappy in life. Now moving forward i'm looking at that and making sure i know work is work and home is home. I am still into my younger years of design and have time in my career to follow that. But i'm really glad you talked about that because that's a factor that most designer, including me overlook.

  19. I'm going to this school of hard knocks right now. Thanks for the "Don't outshine the master" comment. Really appreciate you passing that on to me.

  20. I can relate to everything you just said. I do love my job though not saying I don't. My supervisor is extremely open to letting me explore and experiment with projects. But there are sooo many other people I work with who I do designs for as separate projects. And let's just say I have made the most hideous backdrop in the history of backdrops.

  21. Here's an issue I find I have a lot working in house… my employer/supervisor has a hard time coming up with work to keep me busy… Monday – Wednesday are my busier days as we go over projects for the week on Monday but they get wrapped up as soon as Wednesday comes around. What can I do later in my week to keep busy and show I am not only completing my job at hand, but am actually pitching ideas to bring more value to me as a Designer. Thank you for your videos! Definitely subscribing!

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