How to Use the Color Picker in PixTeller Graphic Maker

Using the Color Picker component and switch
between Solid, Linear and Radial Gradient colors Hi everyone, I’m Alex from PixTeller, and
today I will show you how to use the color picker component and switch between solid,
linear and radial colors. The color picker is one of the most important
assets of our editor. For this tutorial, I will use a logo design
made by one of my friends from Spain. Once I click the USE button, the logo will
open in the PixTeller Editor. In order to show you the color picker, I will
change the background color of my friend’s logo. You can choose from solid, linear or radial
colors gradients. From the solid menu, you can adjust the background
opacity in order to make it transparent. Also here, you can select any predefined solid
color from our palette, or use the Advanced mode and play with the sliders and the ball
to choose any color you want. Back in the simple mode, you can input the
HEX or RGB values. For example, code ff0000 represents the color
red. 00ff00 is green. You can find all possible values online by
doing a quick search. Now, let me show you how to set a Linear gradient
color. Once I am in the submenu, I can easily set
the angle of the colors. I can change the color palette by clicking
on the color and selecting a different one in the Edit/Change menu. To add a new one, just click on the bottom
line. I will play a little so you understand better
the functionality. As you can see, we now have a great background
from just using gradient colors! You can quickly change any element color similar
to the design background color I just showed you to improve your image. I will now save it and click the Download
button to preview it. You can literally create an awesome design
in seconds, as our motto says, by just changing the colors. Now go ahead and try it for yourselves. Until next time, I wish you a happy day. Goodbye.

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