How To Write A Powerful Branding Statement – CVs & Resumés in English

Let’s see… To obtain a position in a company that allows me to develop my skills in project management. No, you should already have those skills for this job. Project leader with 17 years of experience, specializing in change management. Highly motivated, dedicated, and looking for opportunities to grow. Yeah, you and everybody else….These resumés are horrible. Does the objective statement on your CV or resume sound like this? I’m Christina and you’re watching
Speak Better, Feel Great TV. The place to boost your English and boost your career. Today, you’ll learn how to get the recruiter’s immediate attention in a good way with a personal branding statement. You ready? Remember, your objective statement has one purpose: to grab the attention The purpose of the objective statement is to grab the attention of the recruiter and prevent them from eliminating your resumé. Let’s jump right in and look at an example of a branding statement. Try to decide if it’s good or bad. What do you think good or bad? Feed this resumé to the lions! No more Caesar, Christina is back. But what’s wrong with it? It’s generic. It could describe anybody! It TELLS the recruiter you’re motivated & committed, but you should SHOW them, not just tell them. A lot of people make the mistake of including too many adjectives, like motivated, dynamic, excellent, complex, performance-driven, with a track-record of success, etc. etc. These are on everyone’s resume. You can’t stand out if your resume is like all the others. To make a stellar statement, give examples. Give details. Write a statement that is unique to you! Let’s transform that bad branding statement: becomes Much more specific. Replace that collection of adjectives— “dynamic, enthusiastic, and flexible” by one well-chosen example from your career: For example. that shows your energy and enthusiasm! Then, add another example that eliminates those boring descriptions: Maybe you could continue from your previous sentence and trained local managers there. Instead of empty buzzwords like again give an example: totally specific, totally you. Put it all together and you’ve got a powerful, unique branding statement: hoooo, that’s a good branding statement. You have just SHOWN the recruiter what you’re capable of doing, what results you can bring to the
company, and why they need to call you for an interview. Now, it’s your chance to practice. In the comments section, write your branding statement. Go on, give it a try and get feedback from The Speak Better, Feel Great Community. I can’t wait to read your statements! because i know they are gonna be fantastic. If you liked this video, help me boost the English level of French people everywhere! Share this video with your colleagues on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, or send the link by email! And if you want to boost your English and boost your career every week with me, go to and subscribe to receive email updates. You’ll get a short English lesson, vocabulary, and exclusive bonuses that I only share with my Speak Better, Feel Great Ambassadors. Thank you so much for watching Speak Better, Feel Great TV I’m Christina and I’ll see you next

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11 thoughts on “How To Write A Powerful Branding Statement – CVs & Resumés in English

  1. sentence for my English résumé: "I created several website from scratch using 2 different Content Management Systems. I filled the webages, organised the links architecture and animated the blog. I also managed the twitter account and the facebook page of the company".

    Is it OK? Thanks 🙂

  2. This is a great video. But how about someone who doesn't have much experience yet ? Still pretty confused on how I can make an awesome statement. Would you pls. help me? thank you.

  3. Is this a grabbing statement? How to improve this? Your help is much appreciated. thanks.

    -Adept in Microsoft Office applications,
    -Proficient in web browsing and competent to do research
    -Knowledgeable in Adobe Photoshop
    CS3, Corel Video Studio Pro X7
    Good in written and oral communication
    -Openness and agreeability to being trained

  4. Thank you Ms. Christina for this wonderful response. I'll take this advice. I always watched your videos, recommended one!

  5. Hi Christina ! Thanks for your very helpful videos and all your advices !
    What do think about : "Junior Executive Assistant offering 3 years of administrative experience reporting to a CEO and his top executive.
    Successfully organized an International Symposium and after-works conferences for 3 years” ?Thank you 🙂

  6. Even though I'm a Native English speaker, this is by far the clearest explanation of how to build a personal branding statement. Editing my resume as we speak! Thank you!

  7. Miss Cristina you have a great abillity to make somebody understand whatever you say!!! You help us to enhance our English level thanks a lot and greetings from Greece!!

  8. 8 Experience in various roles start from customer service executive to technical operation analyst. Automate various critical and time consuming process .Received awards and certificate. Trained people in automation.

  9. My successes have been driven by my goals by opening 3 restaurants for a entertainment company, building an Automotive Aftermarket company which started in Hawaii and was sold to a major holding group. Without missing a step opened a fitness business and currently growing Ford Accessories Sales in Southeast and Central Florida.

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