HUGE bike GRAVEYARDS a symbol of China’s EXCESS

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100 thoughts on “HUGE bike GRAVEYARDS a symbol of China’s EXCESS

  1. Hi Winston, I've been binge-watching videos on this channel of yours. They're like a crash course on China! :). All of them are awesome. It also takes guts to provide an objective/no-holds-barred account of the place, so props to you. I subbed!

  2. They tried this in Austrailia we’re i have a lot of family now my relatives live about 5min from Sydney CBD However not in a particular nice part it’s more like the suburb is split into 2 sections we call the top end and bottom end now all the houses at the top end are owned and a lot of them look over the The Sydney Fish Markets which is really nice now the bottom end I’m sorry I don’t really want to say the suburb cause the, it will be even more looked down on.So the bottom end is all Hosing commission own by the government.So they decided to start dropping these bikes like the ones in the vid Red or yellow just the two colours however it failed miserably cause the put these bikes in a very low income area and of course they started getting taken and used for free or taken to scrap yard for the metals and the scrap yard owners don’t care they want the metal same with the tyres.As soon as I got to OZ and seen them I was like this is going to fail OZ only has a population of 25mil huge country with 25mil shame.And I’ll tell you one quick thing a lot of Chinese from China who don’t live here we’re buying houses so many a small house in the suburb I’m talking bout starts at rd 1mil never less.But finally the government put a stop to it and said they are only aloud to buy 1 house if there not a Oz citizen.But there’s many ways they get around it.

  3. I really hate watching people wasting resources so mindlessly as China does. For me it's not even about the money, I couldn't care less about how much cash they are making or loosing, but it also comes with huge impact on the environment, and they don't seem to be even slightly preoccupied with the consequences of their action.
    And "culture" is not the word I would use to describe this kind of behavior.

  4. Maybe very soon, people will start to share their homes, wives, husband, kids etc. No one can ever slag our government off by accusing them not to lead the whole country achieving communism ASAP. What a CHINA DREAM👏

  5. The G.D.S. are AWESOME as hell. Smooth shots like that make viewing so much easier on the eyes. Carry on with more of G.D.S. by all means. I'm hooked. They're beautiful to watch. Peace.

  6. Seems you can fly a drone anywhere in China, I can't even fly one in my own backyard without breaking a bunch of laws.I'm not exaggerating either.

  7. In Baltimore they did this and they didn't have this problem because all the ghetto thugs stole them and threw half of them in the bay. Lasted two years and it was done.

  8. I don't think the bike thing is unique to china but more a feature and failure of central planning especially when supply and demand is not taken into consideration as a private entrepreneur otherwise would consider. It can be traced back to the 5 year plan of communist Russia.

  9. I wonder what its been like for a 90 yr old chinese grandma to watch how her country has changed from 3rd world to 1st world so rapidly.

  10. Very simple. The Chinese market mechanism is broken. Supply does not respond to demand, but is an end in itself. A mentality inculcated by the communist government.

  11. Interesting. when I use to travel to Taiwan and Hong Kong for electronic show I noticed many companies do the through every thing at the wall and f it stick go with it way of working

  12. Come to the Incorporated States of America where you see the same businesses in nearly every town, over and over. Few cities have any personality left. Just endless rows of the same restaurants and stores (filled with Chinese products) everywhere.

  13. Bandwagon-jumping is the M.O. of any trainee of ruthless capitalism. You end up with a hot pot, which eventually becomes a monopoly called "Hot Pot Corp." that tries to sue anyone who uses the term hot pot. Then a revolutionary appears on the scene and tries to shatter the monopoly by offering pot as a better alternative. They then sell it under the brand "Cold Pot".

  14. Australia: oBike liquidation & ofo leaving Australia; oBike has already pulled out of Melbourne and its future in Australia is uncertain after its parent company in Singapore went into liquidation. Now ofo has announced it is leaving Australia — and several other countries — to "focus on priority markets internationally". In a statement to the ABC, the company said it would "wind down operations in Adelaide and Sydney in the next 60 days" and would begin removing bikes from the streets. Another app-based bike hire startup, Australian-owned Reddy Go has been reported to also be winding up in Australia.

  15. Love your vids. Cracks me up: the Evil Uncle klaxon "!", The sunglasses Swoosh, and the "GDS" (Gratuitous drone shots). Your videos are addictive and have been enlightening over the christmas break. Great gentle sense of humour, good communicator, kindly soul, courageous and streetwise. Learning more about China has always been on my to do list and these many short videos have been just the ticket. Kudos from the UK and a huge thank you to YOU. A truely fascinating watch.

  16. The Chinese are survivalists, so when they amalgamate with north and south Korea, and Russia the west and its ideology will be over. Safety in numbers.

  17. """SHARED"""the elimination of personal / private property. Nothing strange for the great promoter of the NWO system. It's the HIVE mentality.

  18. Never forget that China's wealth was because of NAFTA and Kissinger shifting resources over there. They should be thanking the US.

  19. I would not call the shared bicycles a good idea. What a waste of materials. How bad have they effected the metal prices because of this getting carried away.

  20. China doesn't innovate or invent they copy. Just like in Whitehall Pennsylvania there's a Chinese food store named China Hut which is next to a Pizza Hut not far from where I live. I wish I can send you a photo its unbelievable.

  21. I always watch to the end and this time even happened to see the little girl playing kick the can as you walked past her.
    You might want to try some bike art work and use the colors of the bikes as your elements. The only way people would be able to see the art would be with a drone photo or high up.
    Oh and speaking of high up. Do they allow hot air balloon rides in China?

  22. It is DYING A DEATH in the UK and United States.
    Death to this cycle fascism invented by the globalists for their Agenda 21 and smart cities.
    Why don't they peddle a bike?

  23. I saw a 4 story mall that had nothing but eye glasses for sale. Every store sold/made glasses for $16 (US). I couldn't believe it.

  24. You always use the term "uncle Sam" as a friend or something. But in America uncle Sam is the government. Just FYI, might want to change your uncles name to Jake or Bill

  25. I've worked in the food and beverage business for 20 years. I have often noticed that convenance stores that are operated by Indians do the same thing. They often duplicate each other in how they operate their stores.

  26. shared bike is bring convieniene to small group of people and will bring big trouble to large group of people. I hope band all the shared bikes in Shenzhen.

  27. Hey serpentza! Love your videos. Lot's of same stores in the same location is a phenomena found in every country and the concept to Google is the Nash Equilibrium.

  28. Great video
    Can you help me to buy up this bicycle mountain?
    I can buy upto 250k used bikes for export & I will pay you for your help.
    Ali from uk


  30. Spectacular drone footage on that intro. You've become quite the cameraman/producer/host one-man show. As a side note I feel like Chinese knockoff brand names and Chinese bootleg game titles have tons of funny username potential

  31. I remember hearing of some umbrella-sharing venture in China that failed spectacularly because no one ever returned them.

  32. China is secretly constructing a bicycle made of bicycles so everyone can admire from our space. The great wall of China… meh

  33. Everywhere you go in Asia its the same story. Idiots copying each other, right next to each other. Not even having the commonsense to move their business a little further away.

    The first place that opened could do reasonably well, but then the idiots come and nobody can make a profit. So then they start murdering each other with knives and firebombing each other's shops. This is life in retarded Asia.

  34. I live in Thailand and they are are identical.i you ask your girlfriend she will want,it'll be a coffee shop next door to a coffee shop.

  35. I m sure that there is a market for exported genuine and used chinese urban bikes.
    be it for fun or utility.
    good show!!!

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