[Hyundai Brand Campaign] Second first steps

Mom! Was I two here?
When was my first step? No, not two, more like a 15-month old.
(Korean National Team para-archer Park Jun-beom) First Steps He used to walk so well, so steady,
when he was a baby. I walked well? You did indeed. It was just amazing to see a tiny baby
grow up and walk. He was so cute, then. In his second year of high school,
he got hurt that year. After being hopitalized for so long,
he didn’t go out much,because he fenced himself off. So, he had fishes instead. Are you hungry? Want to eat? Are you talking to the fish? Yeah, we can see eye-to-eye. And he got healthier training for archery. He is doing well. We wanted to give back the quality time
they missed the most. Feels like it has been almost 10 years
since I last stood up. One, two, three. Slowly… That’s my boy! You can do it! Yes! Yes! Second First Steps We don’t really see each other like this,
standing up. Mother and son, face to face.
It was overwhelming. Reimagining the future of time. Because of You
(Hyundai H-MEX with wearable robotics technology)

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2 thoughts on “[Hyundai Brand Campaign] Second first steps

  1. How to apply to this program? My relative a young girl met with an accident and damaged her spine. She is confined to bed. Please help. I’m from India.

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