I Hired 10 People On Fiverr to Design Random Absurd Products!

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100 thoughts on “I Hired 10 People On Fiverr to Design Random Absurd Products!

  1. Dude! This is my first video view on this page and I'm subscribing to see more of these! That was freakin awesome, that hammock backpack needs to go to shark tank! Awesome video.

  2. I absolutely love this. More support for people doing creative jobs online for sure. Gives this show way more substance

  3. Matt, as an artist THANK YOU for that "dont ask for free stuff" SO many people dont get how much effort goes into art tbh. Like i think my #2 art pet peeve is people asking for it for free. (My #1 is people grabbing my fucking drawings away from me WHILE IM DRAWING or really ever tbh)

  4. Both the hammock backpack and hammock dress are amazing. Both should definately exist in the real world. Also, props to both the smart-pants designers who were totally not asked to photo-edit a thing at all.

  5. As an engineer… i can make you a discoball that makes you feel old. Just make a discoball made out of a bunch of those bigass antique mirrors

  6. Imagine getting naked so you can sleep at nigh- wait a minute isn’t that what pornogra- what

  7. "Start Over" (because you constantly think for revisions and expectations before you even send your idea hahah)

  8. Design a shoe for two people to use in a 3 legged race. Design a pair of pants that turn into shorts. Design a car that requires two people to use (1 person steers the car, 1 person controls gas and brakes.) Idk some of those would be cool to see .

  9. If anyone Needs graphic Designs photoshop etc. I would highly recommend this seller. Techyvishal15 He did work on my channel art and I have to say, he is amamzing.

  10. Before i even watch it i bet they grab some user from India and call them cheap, and then somebody who lives in say, New York City and call theme expensive…. NO its called difference in currency strength and living costs!

  11. I know that you are just being nice, but that first treadmill was WEAK! Complete and udder garbage, even for $17. It was literally a block design. You could have made that with a shape tool in 30-40 minutes with no experience.

  12. Did anyone else notice when he says the exspensive one. The sound is from Tony Hawk Underground when you do a special trick.

  13. I tried the site and one of the ones I got was “design a gravestone for somebody who just had a baby’. Wow 😮

  14. I bet that once the hammock one is done, most people just leave the video, leaving only half of it watched. RIP

  15. The hammock ones were interesting because I'm a hammock camper. The hammock backpack has been done before a few different ways. The shirt has never been done that I know of.

    Once common hammock hack is to make a waterproof backpack cover that comes off and can be used as a hammock chair but not a full size hammock.

    Best way to improve upon that design is look at a standard hammock that has the attached pocket it stuffs into.

    The backpack is really an oversized pocket… not much more that that (aside from shoulder straps)… so the placement of the backpack on the hammock fabric and the orientation of the opening needs to coincide with a standard hammock stuff pocket… ROUGHLY middle of hammock from head to toe.. but opening at the edge at the top so the contents don't spill out.

    If you really did have some made… I'd redesign to move the backpack like that before making them.

    In reality a hammock camper wouldn't use it anyway as we need a lot more storage and sometimes multipurposing a piece of gear while it sounds great in reality causes some chaos because now 1 failure destroys 2 pieces of critical equipment. But a college kid would probably use this for breaks between classes on some campuses… so it still has value.

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