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OJ here welcome back to another Fire Emblem three houses video so recently
Nintendo invited me to their los angeles golan PR headquarters to try out an
exclusive demo of Fire Emblem three houses on the Nintendo switch I want to
give a big shout outs to Nintendo Chico the treehouse team and also the golden
team for inviting me to play the game it was a blast and I had a ton of fun and I
already had two other videos on the matter so if you have not seen those
videos or if you’re a new subscriber make sure you check them out on the page
I will have a brand new Fire Emblem series of videos on the main page so if
you’re a fire emblem fanatic like myself make sure you check that out now let’s
go ahead and get into the first part of this video I’m gonna be breaking it down
into two different parts this first part is gonna be talking about Fire Emblem
for beginners and why this is the best version the best way to get into Fire
Emblem is going to be finally three houses and I’m gonna break down the
basic gameplay don’t worry though for people who are
veterans and the Fire Emblem series this won’t take too long and it’s always good
to get a nice little refresher with this new game then in the second part I’m
gonna show you some more combat footage from my hands on a gameplay demo with
Fire Emblem three houses so Fire Emblem for those who are new essentially what
it is is a turn-based RPG in a strategy game form so you get to pick multiple
different heroes that are on your side battling against another faction of
enemies in the form of bosses kind of like foot soldiers and with this game
beasts as well but you guys will see in the second part of the video now when
you pick a character on the screen you have a variety of options of what you
can do you can just leave them to sit there you can have them go over and
trade an item with somebody else you can have them give support to somebody else
or you can have them attack now based on what class they are they have a variety
of different skills they can use multiple different weapons the range
our healers some of them are range weapons with like bows and arrows some
of them are Pegasus Knights to where they can fly through the sky and have a
large range of where they can move so it’s almost kind of like chess at times
right if you look at chess some pawns or some of the different chess pieces can
move further or in different ways and that’s kind of how Fire Emblem is so you
pick one of your characters you kind of move it to a spot that it can go to and
you have to strategically plan and battle out against your enemy and at its
fundamental level that’s exactly what Fire Emblem is that’s what it is now
where the depth and complexity comes from it’s from all the different things
that you can do so you have magic in the game you have different types of attacks
where you can team up with somebody else next to you in this game they also call
it the gambit system as well so there’s a variety of different things that you
can do to manipulate the battle in your favor now you have to be very careful in
Fire Emblem games because it’s turn-based right so when you pick a turn
and you’re done going with all of your characters the enemy gets their turn to
attack now how battles usually play out is whoever is attacking gets essentially
two times to strike their opponent you go over there you hit them once they get
a counter-attack and then you can hit them again then the other way around for
the enemy once they go they hit you first
you kind of attack them so you have to make sure that you really plan out your
plan of attack and how you’re going to attack and also defend because you’re
left vulnerable there on the map once your turn is over enemies can gain up on
you you can have certain enemies come over and exploit potential weaknesses
that you have you can exploit weaknesses that the enemies have so you just have
to go about it in a way towards strategically looking at what weapons
you have what combat arts you have and what
abilities you have in order to take out all of the enemies on the map and that’s
essentially what Fire Emblem is all about now in this new fireman game
they’ve rounded up the experience a little bit more to make it like RPGs
that you might have played in the past you do have a home base to where you can
go to you do have side quests like fishing you also have side quests where
you can pick up items for people and gain their favor to where they can in
Ward give you items or weapon or training or something along the lines
of that special abilities and stuff so they’ve rounded up the experience
they’ve made it more like a complete or full RPG and overall it feels like a
more complete game than any other Fire Emblem game in the history of Fire
Emblem so that’s the reason why I say that this should be the first farming
game that you start with and I’m almost positive there’s gonna be some nice
beginner type of easing into the combat for those who are not familiar with it
but how I explained it to you guys is essentially how you play Fire Emblem and
it’s one of those things to where you really need to get your hands on it and
see the depth and the strategic abilities I mean you kind of understand
how good the game is and how much fun you can have because believe it or not I
was not a big Fire Emblem fan pretty much before fire awakening on the
Nintendo 3ds once I played that game that’s when I went back and played a lot
of the other fireman games and beat them and realized how awesome this series can
be although it can’t be a little bit unforgiving and some of the older ones
this one gives you the options in terms of it because Fire Emblem is always
known for that classic difficulty if you lose a unit they go away forever you
don’t have to play that way in this game and this one you can’t play it on the
casual mode to where they’ll come back after you’ve completed the mission now
let’s move into the second part with some of this new combat here and then
I’m not gonna be discussing everything throughout the whole battle because I
don’t want you guys to just soak it in and kind of see some of the cool stuff
but one thing that I will talk about which I haven’t spoke about before and
new footage that you guys are seeing is the beasts that are on the map and these
beasts are tough they have a sec you know shadows die twice type of mechanic
with multiple different health bars so you have to go through a lot of the
health bars in order to take out some of these challenging beasts on the map now
here’s what I can say I can already tell you plan on the harder difficulty or
whatever they decide to do it is going to be one of those mission restarting
type of things I can already see some of these beasts being so advanced and
further down in the game to where if you’re playing on the harder difficulty
and it’s on classic mode be careful how you tread the waters when it comes down
to it really plan out your attacks and your strategies even in this footage my
main character but I’ve got Bob because I did not
Chico who was my treehouse reps warning about the super attack that they can do
so they have super attacks multiple health bars a lot of strengths they have
to plan things out accordingly when it comes down to it so I’m looking forward
to playing more of that understanding how these beasts work what’s the best
strategies against them and how I’m gonna take them down as efficiently as
possible now that’s it for me check out this extra game play footage
guys I’m gonna have more hands-on coverage of Fire Emblem 3 houses on the
Nintendo switch going forward in the future we’re getting very close to the
release date of the game it’s dropping on July 26th 2019 this month it’s
already here and I’m gonna be giving you guys more coverage a review and just
more awesome content when it comes to fire of them so make sure you hit that
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description as low so thank you guys so much for watching hopefully enjoy the
rest of the video and make sure you check out my other videos on the matter
as well on the Channel right here player essence yeah I had no choice feeling stronger your big help what’s next let’s do it now you’ll maybe
our strategy is solid you

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