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100 thoughts on “I WAS WRONG! Disney Logo Update

  1. Right when you said 64 World's Fair I was like OMG ANA NG. Thank you for not disappointing my TMBG fandom by immediately satisfying my desire to hear the next line XD XD

  2. I think it's really cool that this is a topic that that you discussed, because when I was little I use to wonder why the word Disney looked like that too. I even use to ask my mom about it and she was confused by it too.
    So it's cool to finally get a little bit better idea of where it originated from, and the different Disney logos and logo toes that have been used over the years. ๐Ÿ˜Œ๐Ÿ‘

  3. So, the logo first appeared with the Disneyland Records division? Is there any information in Mouse Tracks: The History of Walt Disney Records by Tim Hollis and Greg Ehrbar? I know of the 2006 book, but haven't read it.

  4. Did you Google it? "Disney signature logo". First result. Fact check that if you like, but that says it's one of his secretaries' versions of his signature. That sounds plausible

  5. !!!

    Still wrong I guess.

    Look for Disney comics with Fisher Price.

    All of them consistently has this logo.

    The older I could found is a Bambi comic from 1942.

    There must be some older issues.

  6. Hank, did you contact the Walt Disney Archives? They may have more information on the history of the logo.

  7. I by no means think I am anywhere as self involved as W.Disney has been implied to have been, but when I learn cursive as a child I filled entire marble notebooks trying to perfect my signature.

  8. If you do a video on the new computer animated logo, I can probably get ahold of one of the animators who worked on it. Let me know if you have any questions.

  9. I was told that the current logo came from employees at Disney having to decide on a consistent way of signing Walt Disney's name. So they made it something that people could 'draw' simply as they 'signed' Disney products. But maybe this is just Disney Lore.

  10. The logo/signature with the weird D first appeared on Norwegian "Donald Duck & Co." comics (the main Disney comic in Norway, published since 1948; as you may or may not know, Donald has always been the more popular character in Scandinavia, over Mickey) in the mid-1970s and remained in use on that ever since, so when you said 1980s in that other video I knew it couldnt be right.

  11. I felt like he had a knife from Disney at the back of his head because the many times he said great Disney and complemented it

  12. Hank, I'm so utterly thankful for that Ana Ng reference; that is one of my favourite songs of all time.

  13. I am thinking it is a case of copy write issues. If you are going to be absolutely dominant about your copy write and sue the socks off anyone daring to infringe on your method of making money then coming up with a logo that is not already under questionable copy write protection is going to be the hardest part.

  14. The best part of that TMBG song is the crazy dance in the official film clip. I would love to see you and John do it.

    Somehow I always knew you'd be a TMBG fan, also.

  15. 1:38 Oh, so Disney stands for d'Isney, I always thought one of Walt Disney's ancestors just found his own knee so fascinating that he chose it as his surname.

  16. And her voice is a backwards record, it's like a whirlpool and it never ends (I will now have Ana Ng stuck in my head for the rest of the day, and this is not a bad thing)

  17. I thought I heard that "D" was chosen because it's so unique and hard to rip off… Like you don't have to see the whole word, just that letter, and you know it's Disney and you get that feeling. Whereas the more common looking "D"'s could be from anything? I don't know I may be talking out of my ass here but that always made sense to me.

  18. I found it on Disney records that were published in the 1960s when I was at my grandma's house for the fourth. One of them was the aristocrats I think

  19. I mean, the artists tried to take credit, walt just didn't give it to them and then announced them as communists during the red scare lol.

  20. All said and done, Iโ€™m glad they stuck with this, the D looks like a wand wave to me…resonates with the magic I associate with Disney creations…

  21. Am I the only one that didnโ€™t have a problem with the D but rather, the Y? To me, the Y always looked like a P, so as a kid I didnโ€™t understand why it said Disnep ๐Ÿ™ƒ

  22. It's not that people wouldn't take credit for their creativity: they weren't given credit by their employers.

  23. My wife went to church with and was once mentored by a man who used to work for Disney and, if I recall correctly, helped create Goofy. He might've known who designed the Disney logo, but he did indeed die a year or two ago. We should try to find out if he left any memorabilia or notes of his time at Disney.

  24. I thought it was common knowledge that the Disney logo was just a font based off of Will Eisner's signature?

  25. Isn't it basicly just Walt's signature stylized? This blog post tends to indicate that.

    So, the credit in part at least, probably should go to him for the design. They might have had a staffer refine it, but given Walt was himself an artist, he may very well have done that work for the logo himself too.

  26. I swear that Life Magazine's special edition titled "Walt Disney, From Mickey to the Magic Kingdom" addresses this very issue. I can't confirm without buying the issue, as I am not very good at internetting, and can't get to it from around a pay wall.

  27. If this D freaks you out you should check out the different variations of Persian and Arabic calligraphy and compare with their alphabet

  28. I wish I could get a โ€˜likeโ€™ from you AMAZING Vlog Brothers!!
    Please couldnโ€™t I…Hank, John? โ˜บ๏ธ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ˜Œ๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค—๐Ÿ˜ŠIt would really make my day.

    Thanks in advance

  29. I guess I don't know how serious record keeping was back then, but given how iconic the logo is, I would think your best bet to actually finding out who created it would be to just…ask someone who works in the Disney graphics/marketing department today. I don't know how far oral history/memory goes, but in my own marketing department my boss will sometimes be like "oh, x person made that" and there's generally a story to tell about the creation of various slogans and campaigns and stuff

    And at the very least there should be some kind of internal hiring record of who worked for them at the time in the department to narrow down who could've been the person to finalize that particular logo design. Right?

    I feel like it's possible. To find out who did it. Who did that logo magic. It's challenging but the information has to be out there! It has to be

  30. Who was at the DuPont Pavilion? Why was the bench still warm? Who had been there?

    I love when you throw TMBG lyrics in because you're talking and then it's like "Those words are familiar words" and then I'm like oh yeah, Hank likes that band I also like! And it's like a nice moment of connection. I'd really love to see more TMBG-related content on this channel. I know you and Katherine originally discussed doing a podcast going through their songs, but decided not to because their library is so large, BUT – what if you just did it with some of your favorite songs for hankschannel? I would love to hear what you have to say about them.

    Anyway this comment was not about Disney, sorry.

  31. Hank! Would you post a video about/including a list of your favorite books or something please? Thanks. P.S. Make John do the same.

  32. So you just won the SuperBowl! What are you going to do now!?

    Iโ€™m going to โ€œFromIsneeโ€World!!!

  33. No need for apology! I remember noticing the Disney signature logo on books in the 50's and 60's but the logo for the Sunday night TV show (World of Living Color) in the 60's was a variation of the current movie logo. I believe the Disney feature length films of that era had the same as the TV show, or at least similar. I would guess that each separate company or subsidiary of Disney had its own logo by then and they began to be well solidified by the booming advertising industry by then. The lack of consistency in logos within a company product may have been due to less emphasis on company branding before the 40's. I think book publishing companies had pretty consistent branding so they may be an exception.

  34. The Walt Disney Company does use different versions of the signature still to this day. The Walt Disney Signature Collection line of designer goods (furniture by Drexel Heritage, writing pens by Monte Verde, chandeliers by Metropolitan Lighting, etc.), for example, uses a version that seems more personal and less corporate.

  35. If you want to know who created the logo, contact Bob Gurr, He's on facebook and has been with the company since the beginning and was one of Walt's right-hand guys. He's friendly and enjoys talking to the public. Heck, if you play your cards right, you might talk him into an interview.

  36. Maybe it had to do with how Walt and other animators signed autographs for fans. It was pretty stylized. Here's an example:

  37. I always thought that "D" was a "G" when I was a kid. Like, I knew the company was called Disney, but anytime I would read it in that font I would pronounce it "Gisney."

  38. Don't fall for Disney buying fox its dum because JCP frsh shld are gaining despite technology e commerce entertainment stocks like appl amzn dis

  39. I'm very interested in more info on the new(ish) train + castle in the clouds intro because it is strangely emotional for me!! Thanks for all the history on the logo of my actual distant relative!

  40. Look at ๐ŸŽญ"D" upside down, look familiar? The "Eye of Ra = symbol from ancient Egypt.
    Now look at the" D"in a mirror, looks like a "G in reverse, the same" G"that Freemasons use in their symbology, "G" for the
    " Great Architect of the Universe"

    Guess who was a 33rd Degree Freemason? Guess what the Secret VIP Members only club at Disneyland is called? "Club 33"โ˜ ๏ธ

    The town of D'Isney France was aajor headquarters for the Knight's Templar, and Walt ancestors were Knights Templar.

  41. I used to work for Disney in the travel customer magic Center the story behind the logo that is sort of official/ Unofficial is back in the early days of the the company when a great majority of the company was Under the company was under the control of WAD Walt was signing. Different drafts of letter to contractors building what would become Walt Disney world in Florida he has to go to a meeting he rushed through his signature on a paper with a malfunctioning fountain pen the pen had a defect in the point which made lines bleed and blot heavy as a result the logo/Typeface was born some wonderful artist at WAD got a Hold Of this memo and used it to make the very versions we see today The modern Disney logo is a Logo and a Typeface and it widely used on every single thing Disney does and it is believed that the current Typeface is how Mickey would sign paper work rather than Walt ( insert its a small world)

  42. I have no historical proof but can say it was a signature that Disney made and decided to use on certain products. If you didn't know, Walt Disney was a Christian and the signature represented that and included Christ in it.

    You'll see an ichthys, the cross, etc in the complete signature.

    That said, you also have to be careful which signatures you use as comparisons as Walt had other people do autographs for him. Hank Porter and Bob Moore are the two most well known who used his signature.

    There are other particular things hidden within his signature, including phi for other purposes, but I just want to point out the religious aspect and challenge you to look at what it was originally used in. It was generally on things that had good messages and could essentially be used to show battle between good and evil, similar to our own struggles with sin.

    So, there you have it. Believe it or not, there's the truth as to why it's so different.

    As to the other secrets it holds, that's up to y'all to find. Just know it's all good and idiots claiming 666 and all that nonsense are morons.

  43. I never found it weird… I had no idea it was an issue for anyone. I am as old as Methuselah and it has been around my whole life. ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿน๐Ÿ‡ต๐Ÿ‡ญ

  44. the curly D appears when Walt Disney was on "Whats My Line" so maybe his signature was always changing, I know mine has..

  45. LOL
    while I was watching the other video I was just imagining walt sitting at a desk practicing his signature getting all pissed off because it wasn't perfect… sounds like that's probably pretty close.

  46. Good follow up video, but for the love of god please clean your glasses, they're so filmy they're making my eyes hurt!

  47. I think it's worth pointing out that Will Eisner, one of the pioneers of comic book making, had a very similar signature.
    I always kinda assumed he designed the Disney logo based on that, actually, I never knew this was such a mystery, but maybe it's worth looking into.

  48. UGH THIS IS SO INTERESTING like legit checks all my boxes: history, graphic design, Disney, American cinema, 20th century American culture and art I'm smiling so big rn

  49. I can give you a little bit of a hint on the logo, it has esoteric and kaballistic undertones, look into who Walt was spending his free time with. It's a very special group of people, very gifted.

  50. I've always tought the D looks like a face. The point in the I is a ear, and the straight line down the D is a nose.

  51. I don't want to be disrespectful or anything but I wish Disney worked a little bit more on improving his beliefs instead of his signature

  52. How about wired 666 on the logo also whereโ€™s the other video you said you were going to talk about

  53. Classy way to issue a correction, Hank! I like how youโ€™re expounding, and not just slipping it in somewhere.

  54. As a kid, I never saw it as a G or a D, I saw it as a rough draft drawing of a side profile of Mickey… Like how rough sketches of characters are often drawn? With the circle over the eye being Mickey's left ear.

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