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100 thoughts on “I Wish I Knew This When I Started: Logo Design

  1. My Problem is I'm still lacking experience and am considered a beginner so no one wants to pay me more then 50-100$ and even then I no one will hire me. Many people have loved my designs but I cant seem to get a client. Can someone help me……

  2. This conversation hit me value lot I'm a Professional designer and i did diploma but am in Pakistan Hub of Talented and creative people unfortunately here people companies don't value the logo Designer

  3. Good luck charging a client thousands of dollars when you're a beginner free lancer. It's hard to charge a client a lot of money when there's a lot of beginner designers willing to go less just to get their name out.

  4. I am not a Logo designer, I'm a voice actress… and all of this speaks to me so much. It's hard to ask for a fair market price from clients. I have trouble finding the clientele who can even afford a fair market price.

    The beer refill analogy is so helpful.

    How do you find the right clientele? Is it really just confidence? Just saying "this is my price" and wading through this sea of people who will back out in fear of those prices?

  5. Not a designer (though I'm hoping to get in to it) but I am a programmer. More specifically, I do mostly front-end work so I work with design a lot.
    I can understand not wanting to charge a client overtime. For example, if a client came to you and asked for three logos to choose from and you agreed upon a price up front and then it took you longer to make those three logos than you had estimated, that's on you. It's not the client's fault you had a slow day or got distracted or hit a wall. However, if you did your best and present them with three logos and they decide they would rather see more, then you can charge them more because they're the ones altering the contract.

    This is why I don't think I'll ever freelance. I'm too chicken to ask for money even when I'm 100% justified.

  6. "…you freely gave away your time and undermined your own value and self worth"

    Many of us have been there as we first start to polish our long studied skills for market value. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people out there that thrive off the exploitation of young naive artists.

  7. The message Chris communicates, is so important, at the very least that your work should be valued.
    Wish that I’d heard of him a lot sooner

  8. I can definitely agree with the not having any context and thinking that it's a commodity. Much respect to Ben Burns though, he did the best he could to make it work for him

  9. There are a lot of companies that don’t look at logos and branding in such a complex way. Bob who owns a small factory making plastic widgets doesn’t want or perhaps need a logo conveying a message. When he hires for a logo he isn’t looking for a brand he just wants something to put on a business card that looks “good”
    This is where you get the people who don’t want to pay much, and it seems like there are more people who think this way then not. Also, this is why you see a lot of meh logos out there.

  10. i thought he was doing wire tapping and had nothing better to do but do graphics for clients because he had so much free time but then had to either fire his clients & raise the prices and the ones who could afford his new rates stayed and thats how he started making big bucks (he stated this in a different interview)

  11. So I am a student and I just started my first freelance projects. I am designing logos for women-owned startup businesses. I am only charging each client $300 for their logos. I felt that because I am a student and I am just getting started that I shouldn't charge much, especially for these women with limited budgets. In the future, even though I am a student, should I ask for more? I am trying to build a good portfolio, so the money isn't everything. But it's also cool to hear how much I could possibly be making.

  12. I think the problem is feeling like, maybe you did a bad job on the logo and that's why they're asking for revisions. So maybe the work wasn't worth the $50 since the client wasn't happy. For some reasons clients who get a cheap deal will always ask for more revisions and more freebies, it's why they're paying so cheap in the first place….

  13. I'm wondering, is O desk like 99 designs? And do you not recommend something like that to get a larger body of work, winning design or not? Or at least to use it as like design challenge prompts and not summit the designs to the competition?

  14. So to add to his point of where he felt like it was just his time, so it wasn't a valuable resource, which is why he didn't ask for overage. I know I've felt this way and I'm sure others have. But it often feels like if the client doesn't like it then I did something wrong. Like it's my responsibility and fix my "mistake". With other jobs, like a grave digger, there's typically two ways to do something, the right way or the wrong way. Either you dug all the graves you needed to or you didn't. And it's hard to evaluate whether or not I did a good or bad job. Whether the client is asking for too much or I've not given enough.

  15. can you make a video about determining a price for relatives/friends? i always struggle telling them the actual price i charge for design work since it seems inappropriate to me to demand the full price for someone i know so well but on the other hand it's still the same amount of effort and time i put into the project..

  16. Absolutely love this video… very real, I think that is the case of many designer and including me…

  17. OMG Thanks so much for friken talking about this! I completely feel the same way that Ben felt when he was starting out, like feeling guilty for charging a client for an exponential amount of revisions, changing their minds, whatever. I even feel bad for charging much money at all but I realize that in every scenario like this, I'm the one who loses, I'm the one who gets taken advantage of. Also, when the client would demand all these other revisions, I though I owed them those revisions because I just wasn't doing my job well enough. It's tough to get to that level where you can find work but not sell yourself short.

  18. This interview is so bad. It's repeating the same words into trying to make the designer feel guilty for charging ONLY $50. Are you f%&king kidding me?!

  19. We should also think about that where these people live(California) the wage is very high, people have money to pay a lot for a logo. They do everything in big… all those corporations…their branding…they go big…

  20. wait a minute. mass produced jeans in a third world country is only taking into account the cost of that specific workforce. but what about the cost of Diesel designers and the whole workforce behind getting those mass produced jeans? thats why those jeans are 180$~ …. so… someone can argue, hey why would i pay this much for your logo if i bring up the jean theory, theyre going to say those jeans are designed by specific designers working for Diesel. I understand confidence can be driving all us upward. im just wishing there was more said to this specific argument. mind i do love these videos by The Futur!!

  21. Love your content. It has definitely helped me feel my own worth as a designer and what I give to my clients but most of them are low level business that don’t have $5000+ to spend on anything especially a logo. They need something basic and quick. I seem to make more on the marketing materials after the logo is created.

  22. Y'all acting like the funds weren't meant for a puppy? I thought he was referring to his kids as puppies, (Imean in Africa we could say that meaning five, six, seven children you know 'as many as…') but the animal shelter wanted to put it down!? Wait? He is actually talking about puppies! OK.

  23. Why do i get the feeling that alot of this is condescending. 75% of everyone in europe earns less than 50$ an hour. Yet this person is speaking as if it is pocket change

  24. Once, I did a logo for $20. The woman met me outside of the diner by my apartment that I was eating at, to pay me. She handed me a $20 bill I said 'thank you', went into the diner, and paid my $22 bill. And no, I didn't have avocado toast.

  25. Not only have I been told by my peers that I should charge more (at 25$ ph), but now watching your videos it just definitely reinforces that as a hard working designer… you should HAVE confidence in yourself and work, and reflect that in the price. yeeeeessss

  26. Shout out to The Success Principals by Jack Canfield! That not have been your reference but it sure was for me. I read that book once a year.

  27. Thank you for sharing this video. It was really helpful. It has given me another perspective on how i should value my skill and experience as a graphic design

  28. I saw some offer their rate below $50 in 0 day at freelancer. I think that is one of the reason why clients have no appreciation of what we did.

  29. It does devalue your work….. unless you have a huge quantity of work and $50 dollars can still mount up

  30. This was a great video!! I feel like I am like Ben, undercharging for my work. This is definitely an eye opener. 🔥🔥👌🏼🙌🏼

  31. Underpricing work doesn't just hurt the designer, it hurts the whole industry! Don't turn design into a commodity!

  32. I can understand him. There's always someone doing a better or at least equally good job for less money. And if're you're new to the business and have no reputation whatsoever, what're supposed to do?

  33. This right her is the truth about designers. at first we are scared to charge until you do research and you just want to cry.

  34. I've been charging 55 for a logo for years now because of the type of people I attract. I did a free logo for a friend, she made me cookies from her business as payment, and 2 of her clients came to me asking for logos too. I was soo excited, but the second I told them it's 55, they both ghosted me clearly because that was too high. Sigh.

  35. I get where he comes from, but i would not be able to sell something where i have put a massive effort in and then sell it for peanuts, but self confidence will not get better whilst making logos, selling them when you know they have value should happen without thinking. good talk ! love the mindset of sir futur ! im gonna look up your work .


  36. This can apply to numerous professions, especially when it requires OUR time. It applies to many situations in life also. Don't let anything or anyone steal your time.

  37. Damn this really opened my eyes… about my worth for designing a logo for someone. Right now I’m experiencing this exact thing. So, this guy was looking for someone to design a logo for his band because he’s about to go touring in July. He hired a graphic designer, the designer made him a couple logos but he didn’t like them. When he found me and asked me if I knew any GD. In my mind I was like finally my first potential client. Told him I’m a GD and then he told me what happened (basically the things I’ve mentioned before) and asked me if I can make a logo for him, but he’ll pay me 50 bucks. This happened right on the spot and like this guy you were talking to, I didn’t know how to charge people. So, I said yes with little confidence. However, I knew in my mind I should’ve charged way more. I wanted to disagree on the price, but idk something stopped me. After watching your videos rn I’m like screw this, this guy owes me more, I still haven’t started on the logo because I believe I should charge more. Also, he still hasn’t given full details on how he wants his logo or the specific things he wants in it. Now he might’ve found another GD because it’s been a week already, but I’m going to message the client saying what’s up? Then charge more. My time is worth more than 50 bucks or in other words, gas money.

  38. lol my first logo design 2 years ago was at $10
    feels bad man

    but the client was teary about their new wedding logo so am good now

  39. In my country, clients pay around $20 to $30 dollars for a very nicely designed logo. I'm so sad after watching this video. How can I find clients who will pay me enough?

  40. I know I am late but this Ben Burns looks like a "new kid at school." An innocent and shy kid. Or like a student searching guidance from a guru. But now is totally different. Great video!

  41. OMG! This content is flooring me. I've watched and followed a lot of channels. NOTHING! comes close to this stuff. Absolutely love this format of a therapeutic design chill session.

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