Ich habe 10000 Überlegene Vergrabene Schätze geöffnet

Hey guys, Kona here! After 300 hours of farming in the desert highlands, over the span of roughly one year, I finally got 10000 superior buried treasures! But you are probably wondering: was it worth it? Spoiler: yes, it was. Just one more thing before we start: Opening the treasures took a very long time as i had to clean up my inventory over and over again to be able to open more treasures, which is why the opening itself is only in the background while Itell you what was inside. If you want to watch the entire opening, there is a twitch.tv-link in the description which leads you to my past 24-hours-stream and the opening starts at 6 hours and 4 minutes. The reason why I started farming 10000 superior buried chests was because I wanted to get Khadiri’s Musicbox for a really long time already. So our goal is: getting Khadiri’s Musicbox right now! Take a guess if there will be one in the chests right now in the comments… The loot: After 90 minutes of clicking chests during my 24-hours-stream my inventory was also full of trash, which is what we are going to start with. Then we will move on to the more pricy stuff – relating to their Trading Post prices. I won’t read out every little thing, the stuff on this page is worth about 33g. Mainly worthless recipes, jewels, cheap material in masses. Also, not that exciting: Accountbound stuff. A lot of Bloodstone Dust, Empyreal Fragments, And only ONE Weapon Chest in all of the 10000 treasures! Let’s move on to the 2-digit-gold-items. Exotic weapons, recipes, more expensive jewels, WAYYYY to many Milling Stones, Black Diamonds, Pieces of Common Unidentified Gear and Intact Mosaics. We are now at 308g overall. We will start at three-gold-digit-items with 22 Mini King Wasi, totaling 100g. You can only get them from these treasures! Weapon-recipes for 155g. 32 stacks of Pieces of Unidentified Gear, 160g. Two Mini Air Djinn, 200g, just like the 2 Mini Fire Djinn I got, also 200g. There were 1234 rare weapons in the treasures. 1 2 3 4 a nice number. Salvaged them. Got me 245g. We are now at 1368g overall! But the heavy stuff is coming up now! Oh and before we head over to the expensive stuff: This is, just by the way, my FIRST VIDEO AS AN ANET-PARTNER! Isn’t that cool? You can expect some gem-giveaways on my twitch-channel from now on! So it’s worth following me there! Please do so. On to the big boys! The most expensive 8 items! We’ll start with 35 Books of Nadijeh’s Armor Recipes. They are worth 315g! They are recipes for Marshall armor. You can get them only from superior buried chests! Two Mini Water Djinn, 400g! And we know that one! From my rarest items in Guild Wars 2-video! As the rarest Mini! He sadly is not anymore… Up next: Freshwater Pearls! 135 of them! They are worth 430g! Pieces of Rare Unidentified Gear aren’t worth THAT much. But 14 STACK of them are! 630g! We had some dissappointingly cheap recipes. 48 Tales of the Great Zehtuka make up for it with their 630g I would say. Then: Mini Earth Djinn. Times 8. Equals 800g (somewhow rhymes in German) As many of you might now, I’m trying to get Khadiri’s Musicbox since the start of 2018. A toy which plays a cute melody which everyone around you can hear! By the way: it’s an excellent tool to troll the Metal-Legion-Concert! Let me activate the musicbox, let’s see what happens. *MUSIC STOPS FOR EVERYONE* I would have been happy with just one but TEN…. ARE OKAY TOO. It appears to have a drop-chance of 0,1% Just imagine: What if it was still accountbound now? Then I could have sold them for 5g overall at an NPC. Good thing they come in a tradable container – the ygot me 2000g! ANET: How many musicboxes do you want?
KONA: Yes. If you think this was my most expensive drop from the treasures, then you are mistaken! What will it be? I wouldn’t have guessed it’s going to be 38 Stories of the Great Zehtuka Recipes for Harrier armor. Also, only obtainable from these treasures! I got the most expensive recipe and sold it 38 times for 2660g! Insane! Thus we are at 9371g overall! Pretty ok I guess. Conclusion: One superior buried treasure is worth roughly 90s. You can farm them every two hours for 20 minutes. You’ll quickly end up with an average of 30 treasures per event So kind of 27g per 20 minutes. Also: even if it was many weeks ago, I might end up doing a highlight video for my 24-hours-stream. On time, as you know me. Random builds, Duels, Quizzes, Hide’n’seek, Fashion tournaments, etc. PvP-tournamet I’m going to show it to you again. See you! Feel hugged! See you next time! I love you.

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34 thoughts on “Ich habe 10000 Überlegene Vergrabene Schätze geöffnet

  1. freut mich dass du wieder da bist !! und auch noch als partner?? hgwwww!!!^^ hast es dir redlich verdient^^ und hgwwwww dass du endlich die spieluhr droppen konntest^^ weiter so^^

  2. Wow das da am Ende wirklich soviel bei raus kommt, hätte ich net gedacht. Würd ich zwar dennoch niemals machen, aber gut zu wissen und GZ xD. Und Glückwunsch zur Partnerschaft :3

  3. Diese Spieluhr hatte dieses Jahr jemand (nudge, nudge) beim Halloween-Labyrinth-Farm dabei. Und ich muß sagen, sie hatte auf mich eine ungeheuer beruhigende Wirkung. Nach ein paar Minuten dieser Klimperdüdelü-Muzak war ich so im Nirwana, ich merkte gar nicht mehr, wie stumpf die Farmerei war. Wer immer das Ding dabei hatte: Nächstes Jahr wieder, ok?

  4. Du solltest die aktuellen Preise der HG nehmen nicht die von vor ein paar Monaten dann werden aus deinen 9k vielleicht mal 5k Gold 😀

  5. Ujjj!
    #1 Gutes Video, habe schon darauf gewartet
    #2 Du bist nun offiziell eine rich bitch 😋
    #3 UND gratuliere zur Anet Partnerschaft! Ist auch langsam Zeit gewesen 😊

  6. Zunächst mal: riesen Respekt!! Bei einer Sammelzeit von einem Jahr nur leider weniger Effektiv wnn man auf die schnelle Gold braucht – trotzdem bestätigt es, dass das Meta im Wüsten-Hoichland von der ein oder anderen Person unterschätzt wurde (bei den zugrunde liegenden 90s pro Kiste). Mich würde allerdings interessieren, wie oft du das Meta durchschnittlich am Tag im groben Durchschnitt gelaufen bist, einmal/zweimal oder öfter?

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