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  1. I always find these vids really useful, but here there is something critical missing at the keyword definition stage that is vital to informing the design development. And that is customer and target marketing interviews. If the brand is what the customer says it is, then customer and target market interviews are key in helping formulate a design strategy. Perhaps this is something that could be covered in more detail? Thanks

  2. Jose needs to stop interrupting with the unfunny remarks and just let the other guy get on with what he's talking about.

  3. This is such a find! It's motivating and definitely informative! 2019 and still learning from your videos! Thank you to everyone who worked hard to share something so valuable for creatives!🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

  4. Actually, I'd say thank you to @Jose Caballer fo filling in if not, there would have too many silent times so he creatively filled in with what others see as ranting. Great Video.

  5. Very important video with the explanation of concepts, José needs to restrain a little bit his enthusiasm, because he becomes annoying, just constructive criticism. Thank you very much for the video and the concepts.

  6. I noticed Chris not working with stylescapes but rather narrowing the brand attributes down to two keywords. When do you choose to work with stylescapes and when with keywords? Can you use them both in the same process?

  7. Check out this FB group all about manufacturing your product in China…the right way. Join the discussion!

  8. It's cool but kinda cramped. How about if 1984 was spaced out; 19 on the extreme left, the logo in the middle, then 84 on the right? The figures 19 and 84 would be significantly smaller than the logo overall. Humble suggestion.

  9. Jose made this entertaining , not only the demo with chris was great but jose really had me cracking up . reminds me to just have fun while being focused

  10. im not sure what all these complaints are about. just take it in and learn what you need to! these are FREE RESOURCES. stop complaining we are a design tribe 🙂

  11. in an alternate reality chris turns to jose and goes "dude will you please shut the fuck up and let me do my job.." … and the crowd roars

  12. Jose might be a great designer, but he shouldn't have drunk all that coffee before the conference, I swear the god I was thinking that's it I'm gonna close the video, but Do/ Master Do kept taking me back

  13. I loved his original sketched version before he hired the typography guy. He is so skillful and such good taste, I was actually blown away. . .

  14. 2019 ! and I am learning A LOT ! Thanks Chris and Jose .. I am learning and consuming a lot of your content

  15. Amazing video, I love the way you explain the process behind the final result. Just one thing I cannot get, Chris: how do you pass from the selected keywords to the single concept (refined rustic) that guides you through all the following phases of the process? Thank you so much for all your effort 🙂

  16. This was made 4 years ago, but I stumbled onto this today and am leaving a comment as so many seem to be towards the negative against Jose, which is surprising to me. I loved Jose's commentary. He's the right dose of comedy to make this completely enjoyable. The design process plus the amusing personality of Jose is what kept me watching and looking for more.

  17. I have a question, when defining a brand do you look towards what a customer wants to be viewed at or what he currently is viewed as? Or is this subjective in regards to final outcome?

  18. Love your inputs Chris Do, thanks a ton.

    Other guy, please talk less ? Reeeeeally messin up the flow.

  19. Great video in terms of information but i have to agree too many interruptions made it hard to hear the content.

  20. when you seriously have any agenda to discuss kindly present it seriously without any ado in between. This is 2 guys discussing and distracting focus

  21. You all should totally re-make this video with the quality you've got today; the message ages well but the video quality is SO much better now

  22. Such a valuable show! Chris sets the foundation & Jose you seasoned and lighted it up! Love the dynamic.. On the contrary, the interruption doesn't bother me at all, because I can always hit the pause button. Where else to find an educational AND entertaining show?

    I'm a fine art graduate from Singapore and you guys have helped me alot in gaining confidence and knowledge to learn and practice design 🙂

    Thank you!

    God bless <3

  23. Hey guys, we visited the famous British graphic design legend- Michael Wolff at his house. He reveals details about his past never heard before in this first episode of 'Michael Wolff Telling Stories'. you can check the link below to know more about it–JVU

  24. I take issue with your examples of 'marketing'. The statement 'I'm a great lover' is closer to sales. Advertising is, 'you're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen.' A better example might be a hitchhiker with a sign that reads, 'Los Angeles', that's sales. A sign that reads 'Mom's for Christmas', that's advertising.

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