If Fire Emblem Three Houses Music was in Smash Ultimate

Y’all gotta admit, the OST is really amazing. Apex of the world is great. I hated the final map though LMAO. Final Smash?! Darn :/ TiMe To ChAnGe FaTe Okay I might’ve spoiled myself But THIS gives me chills down my spine Like you can’t tell me this doesn’t fit smash Getting spiked by a CPU ganon.. That Hurts…. Ok lets’ be real… If we got Lost in thoughts All Alone.. then we can have this INTO THE DAWN OH I WISH I COULD STAY I like this song 🙂 ahhh yes, the song we will listen to many times in Part 1 🙂 Don’t get me wrong this song is actually pretty darn good Especially with the Thunder version DESTRUCTION!! (You didn’t see that) This song I call…. The Dimitri that’s about to kick your butt with Crits song Seriously the Crits with Dimitri is through the roof Poor Ashe :/ This song gives me chills Also the fact we have a bunch of lords in the middle of a war puts this song even better on my list 🙂 Here is the part where you know Sh*ts about to go down Great Aether!! HIYAAHHH!! Huh :/ WHY ISNT THIS IN THE GAME??! I was honestly dissapointed about this not being in smash Such a great song 🙁 Oh well now there are two HIYAAAH!! NANI? (Ultra Instinct ma dude) Ok so hear me out.. (That was intentional) I like that Lost in Thoughts, All Alone is in this but like… that’s it??? Not to mention there are 3 versions… But this song could’ve been dope (That was also intentional) Again…just Lost in thoughts?? Fates had so many good soundtracks A shame they kinda did them dirty But yet again… It’s fates after all HIYAAAAHH! I laughed way too hard at this

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49 thoughts on “If Fire Emblem Three Houses Music was in Smash Ultimate

  1. Timestamps:

    Song 1: 0:17
    Song 2: 1:56
    Song 3: 3:05
    Song 4: 4:03
    Song 5: 5:08
    Song 6: 5:56
    Extra 1: 7:43
    Extra 2: 9:21
    Extra 3: 10:26

  2. Playable character: Byleth (male and female)

    Stage: Monasterium of Garreg Mach


    – FE3H Main Theme
    – The Edge Of Dawn (Seasons of warfare) [English & Japanese]
    – Fodlan Winds
    – Blue Skies and a Battle
    – Tearing Throught Heaven
    – Roar of Dominion
    – Chaising Daybreak
    – The Long Road
    – God Shattering Star
    – The Apex of the World
    – Shambhala
    – Garreg Mach Medley
    – The Edge Of Dawn (Ending) [English & Japanese]


    – Byleth (male and female)
    – Sothis
    – Edelgard
    – Black Eagles House
    – Dimitri
    – Blue Lions House
    – Claude
    – Golden Deer House
    – Rhea
    – The Inmaculate One
    – Death Knight
    – Thales

    Mii costumes:

    – Edelgard (swordfighter)
    – Dimitri (swordfighter)
    – Claude (gunner)

  3. I am very happy with this inclusion! 🙂 It’s a win for me but i feel really bad for Dante… HE STILL HAS A CHANCE

  4. Hello fellow friends,
    It is I, Wild Link, from Smash Ultimate.
    And I am from the future, here to tell you,


  5. Nice prediction! Honestly people can be mad all they want, three houses deserves the representation. That and Sakuri has already worked so hard on this game, and he saw a creative opportunity. So I say let him have fun at least

  6. I’m actually happy that you got what you want! I’m so excited to actually be playing the game with these soundtracks! And Byleth looks fun

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