Illuminati symbols on the $2 bill? baphomet and owls rule on this currency.

The $2 bill that you often see or don’t
see in today’s society did not always look like this. The first $2 bill of this
size was issued in 1928 and featured a red seal and serial numbers. By 1953 the
bill had undergone a minor facelift, with a shifting of the red seal and a
reduction of the large letter TWO, just to name a few.
Thirteen years later, in 1966, the bill was discontinued due to lack of use. Fast
forward to the 1970s with the Bicentennial approaching, the decision
was made to reissue a newly designed $2 bill with the Declaration of
Independence on the back. 400 million bills were printed, and although banks
tried to put them into circulation, many people were reluctant to take them. Not
only did the bill appear to be a novelty, which led some people to tuck them away
for safekeeping, but conspiracy theorists cited numerous symbols as proof that the
bill was cursed. Let’s take a look. When the name for a two, particularly from
card-playing, was that it was a deuce and deuce is another name for devil. And on
the reverse of the two-dollar bill if you magnify the engraving you may be
able to see the face of a demon-like or devil-like figure that’s said to be
Baphomet. This is a mystical figure that’s proof of some conspiracies
involving the Illuminati. Now I’ve enlarged that here – enlarged the engraving – so
we’re talking about this area and with a little imagination maybe you can see two
eyes and a nose, maybe horns. The Illuminati also makes
its presence known on the green Treasury seal on the front of the two-dollar bill.
The year 1789 is said to be the year that the Illuminati “installed” George
Washington as the first President of the United States. Washington was a member of
the secret fraternity of freemasons of which the Illuminati supposedly
recruited members. Then the key above 1789 was a symbol for the tool that would
unlock your mind to the influences of the Illuminati. So far though, there’s no
evidence of $2 bills putting people in any kind of trance.
Then there’s the supposed symbolism in the words ‘two dollars’. You can rearrange the
letters like a game of Scrabble and you can get to TO, t-o. Owls. Lard. And if that
doesn’t make any sense to you welcome to the club.
But people touting this say well you see, it means if you go toward the owls – the
owl being the symbol of the Illuminati – and if you fold the $2 bill a certain
way you can see that it makes a very nice looking owl… and then lard means
wealth or did at a certain time about 18th century. That somehow “to owls lard”
is supposed to be a statement that subliminally might influence people to
join the secret society. What do you believe? Is the $2 bill cursed? Would you
use it knowing these superstitions? Talk about it in the comments below. you

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64 thoughts on “Illuminati symbols on the $2 bill? baphomet and owls rule on this currency.

  1. Hey would it be cool for me to send you pictures of the old bills and see if you see something a mother used to could let bills from the old time she passed away and I have three books of bills from the United States from all around the world I also have that bill that you have and also I have $2 bills $1 bills $10 bills $20 bills $50 bills there are green blue red orange and silver individually the silver is like a little silver outlining on the bills and also coins and bills from all around the world I've been trying to find some messages and I did maybe you can't do better and post them up. There's also a few things I found on the deals that we have today in the ones and I'll pass time that nobody even talked about just like the $20 bill having a alien face on the back of it looking at its flag

  2. How do I get the bank to order some? Is there a form, or is there an mobile app to see which bank holds two dollar bills?

  3. All paper money is fiat currency. Green frog skins. No gold standard. No silver standard. What does that leave? A shit standard?

  4. Nah. I honestly think the $2 bill is lucky. I know the Bureau of Engraving and Printing still make them, but they are not in as high of a quantity as the rest of the bills. I tend to hold onto them, But if I ever find a duplicate Series year, then I might spend it. (I am trying to collect every series year in bills)

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  6. It's just $2.
    I spend them all the time and most clerks love them. Some have never seen them before. They are to spend!

  7. I used a $2.00 bill in a mafia video I did and now I am checking around to see what the meanings are.

  8. Having a two dollar bill is not about causing ill effect , however the illuminati is trying to do mind programming. So that in the near future people would become insensitive to such ideas making the work of the illuminati easier to execute its plan.

  9. All money is a curse, it's a parchment passed to influence people subconsciously. Our court of law and "plea bidding" is based around this concept. That aside it won't cause any more harm than the US Dollar already, inarguably, does. Following the Mason jazz to the Templars will show you this has always had to do with minting currency, as well as occult orders. To hide symbolism is a parlor trick, the same sleight of hand a card trick would play on you. Occult means hidden. When the moon is waxing, waning, or eclipsing, it is Occulted.

  10. i think you jokingly talking about it as if there isnt anything wrong with some of the symbolisms being used, much of which are cult in nature, is extremely disturbing. you joke because you are too scared to learn the truth and youre comfortable with your lives and how the government protects your standard of living, when others are suffering. must feel nice to be so ignorant.

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