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26 thoughts on “Insert a Symbol or Special Character in Word

  1. this is actually astoundingly UNhelpful. Do you have any idea how many symbols that is? Literally thousands. Fucking THOUSANDS. If you don't know the exact code for what you're looking for, you will not fucking find it. Ever. This is one of those situations where microsoft needs to figure out that whole less is more thing. If a symbol doesn't need to be on that list, it should not be on that list. Sure they should have the option to download arabic symbols or greek symbols or what the fuck ever, for someone who might need them. But 95% of those symbols are things no one will ever use, making it worse than useless to have all the extra symbols.

    I've been trying to find fucking musical notes and I can't find them because there's so much garbage in the way. i'm not even sure if I should be in normal text or wingdings 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. thx 

  3. Can you PLEASE explain how to insert the location symbol? I know you have to use the teardrop symbol but I don't know how to rotate it.

  4. I hate word for this reason. to insert theta I was searching for a long time. they could have given something like a search where when we type 'theta' it should show up

  5. wingding is just awesome…do you know any other font which has beautiful symbols if yes then please tell me.

  6. Thank you sooooo much. I have wracked my brain in all directions trying to erase a wingding track that looked like a chain effect for cutting. You helped me finally find the scissor symbol and I was able to cut it. Glory be. Big thank you.

  7. Thank you so much. I was struggling to do this and you made it look so simple. I appreciate your time. I have just subscribed. 🙂

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