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Hi, we’re Jackal Onasis. We put out a tape today. Thank you, thank you. I’m Alex Molini I play guitar and sing in Jackal Onasis. I like pop songs and I would just want them to be heavy. That’s essentially what Jackal Onasis is, it’s
just heavy pop songs. I met Ghoul Man, the bass player through Jordan. And then I met Jordan, we uh just a lot of mutual friends in Boston. She’s just a sick drummer, so Wait why is my thing not working out? The last year with Jackal has but pretty unexpected. Because both of us playing in other bands, she’s a
professional drummer and she’s always on tour. And we’ve just been able to play shows
and record. And then Exploding in Sound put it out which makes everything much more legit, just instantly. Exploding in Sound used to be just a blog. Dan just some nerdy little dude that was in the corner at every show. We would always like find him writing about our bands on the Internet and be like who is this guy? He seems nice but he doesn’t like really talk to us he’s just like, “oh hi.” Yeah, he always just kept in touch and everyone knew him as that that guy who know everything about every band. And repped every small band, no matter who they were. And then he started the label. My name is Dan Goldin and I run Exploding
in Sound Records. Well, there’s definitely two schools of
record labels, there’s the ones that want to sign the band that’s hottest and is
going to make them the most money and they run their business like a business. But uh we haven’t really gone that route. We’d rather put out like music that we care about for artists that we care about. They’re all mostly just very humble people. They don’t have any like delusions of grandeur. They’re just making music because they
want to make music. And if I can do my part to make sure more people are
hearing it, that’s all anyone is really going for. I’ve known Alex for a really long time,
they had an EP that was just online and I just remember hearing it and being
like pretty blown away and saying that if they ever decided to be a real band we should do something together with Exploding in Sound. Where are we now? This is Shea Stadium in Bushwick, right? We’re in Bushwick DIY spot, it’s been here a very long time staple in the community Most of the shows I go to have one Exploding in Sound band in them that’s usually why I’m going. It’s cause, there’s friends in them. Like Washer is playing tonight. Luckily the community around is really helpful I don’t think a year ago we would have
gotten on this bill as easily as we did it’s one of the best parts about the
label though, is the press and the amount Dan does to just promote bands he loves. yeah There’s always been such a world of
underground music and like scenes almost that don’t get that sort of
exposure and like, I just really want to help them. A lot of them I consider some of my like best friends at this point. All my future plans involve
members of Exploding in Sound I mean there are so many facets of the
label that are attractive as a band. And one of them is the personal relationship with Dan. I think he just cares about what he cares about and those things are the same things we care about so just everybody benefits from every one else’s skills. Thank you

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