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23 thoughts on “Inspiration for a logo design

  1. Do you have a process that you follow in order to find inspiration? I'd love to know what it is. Let me know in the comments.

  2. this is really amazing !! i was a neon artist then network engineer and now a programmer but designing is always been in my blood and I've got a lot of tips and info from you and improved myself on my hobby!! thanks!!

  3. can you make a video on logo design from start ….where you receive a client do your research and head to the computer for design

  4. For me the best place to find inspiration when it comes to logo design is logopond. From time to time I like to browse contests on 99designs that are in the same industry as my project and check out what people are doing. Hope this helps 😊

  5. Great videos, keep it up man! Subbed, looking forward to drop a look into your other videos I've seen I gotta watch 🙂 lovely tips

  6. i liked your video .. I liked when you said i love to speak to people .. can i take your opinion in something about logos in FB

  7. Instead of going to Google images I find places like Pinterest, FFFFound, and Behance are more beneficial locations to checkout online inspiration. A lot of my logo inspiration books are sourced from places like Counterprint and Lawrence King Publications.

  8. Hey, I've been watching your videos to help me with creating a logo design. I love your videos! I was wondering if you have any advice for creating a logo for selling horror themed products. Watching your colour video especially, the darker colours "negative" characteristics have actually been the main themes of my handmade horror themed products.

  9. Hello Mr Col Grey,
    I am lover of your tutorials and your teaching styles. I've been following you on YouTube for a while now and it's great for me.

    But Sir, i recently tried following you on Twitter but noticed you blocked me. May i know the reason why?


  10. love your video! great videos! what would you recommend for a beauty logo? i specialize in eyelash extensions and i'm looking to brand my company and logo. Thank you!!!

  11. Hi man, like your vids a lot. Question, how can you check if the logo you have designed isn't already used?

  12. Love the way you speak, so easy to listen when people doesn't really understand english !
    Thank you for sharing experience !

  13. you really helped me to have an idea on how to make a logo, and you also talk gently thats really help to understand every word you say, thanks

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