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44 thoughts on “Is Brand Twitter Okay?

  1. Gotta say, the videos on this topic from are the first I've kinda disagreed with from this channel – still one of my favorite youtubers though 🙂 .

    The fact the accounts are written by individuals doesn't make it any less innocent to me. These companies are being very intentional and know what they're doing (i.e. brand identity schema). Just as I would want a cashier at Chick fil e to get harrassed because the company is homophobic, I wouldn't want these individuals to be harassed either on account of the corporation being shitty.

    I don't fault them for trying to support themselves, but that doesn't make the excessive marketing of these brands any less pernicious.

    Judging by the massive following these accounts have and most of the comments on this video, this kind of marketing is extremely effective.

  2. I had SunnyD 2 years ago. I thought it was gonna give me superspeed so I could slow down time and complete a ROM Hack of Legend Of Zelda: Majora’s Mask in one day.
    To this day, I still regret wasting money on 12 SunnyD’s when I could’ve been buying food.

  3. The world is falling apart.
    forest are on fire,
    Coral reefs are dieing,
    The world is warming up slowly,
    And sunny d has depression.

    Idk how much longer we will last guys.

  4. these brands need to stop with the wierd tweets, its gotten to a point where youtubers post videos about it for their hundreds of thousands, or millions of fans.

  5. Yo these fucking brands are getting out of hand. The Orville Redenbacher one got me again, like. dude 😂😂😂😂😂😂 what the actual fuck

  6. I don't do Twitter… But I like when there is compilation videos of brand tweets! I low-key love them, Wendy's is a Savage.

  7. When you're a massive mega corporation, you can manufacture drama between two of your brands and no one would notice…unless they're well aware of how much you truly own and come to a horrifying realization that thousands of the most recognizable brands are owned by < 100 corporations.

  8. I’ve been watching a lot of r/ask Reddit vids with that voice of sunny-d and it’s soo funny to hear “what has my life come too?”

  9. If I could promote Kirby stuff, I’d just tweet in poyo’s. And also add the joke that it sounds like the Spanish word for chicken. I’m terrible.

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