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38 thoughts on “Jurassic World Movie Poster – Photoshop Tutorial

  1. +Photoshoptrainingchannel Jesús, thank you for this great tutorial… there is a lot to learn from it… you're the best! I'd really appreciate it…

  2. QUESTION How would I transfer this as a 3D model from Photoshop into an editing software such as Hitfilmpro 3 which uses 3D models [Hitfilm Ultimate 2 upgrade] with all its textures intact.  I'm not certain how to transfer 3D models from Photoshop CS6 Extended into other programs can you please explain how this is done step by step?  I would really appreciate your assistance.  I know this is done with that free Blender 3D program or perhaps After Effects or Lightwave 3D 10?  I don't use that for making 3D models [can't afford those software] am just learning to do it thus far with Photoshop CS6 extended but am stumped in what needs to be done.  [My apologize for rambling its just getting frustrating].

  3. Yo, I got your starter file but I cant do anything because i keep getting an error saying my groups have to merge or something, how do I fix this??

  4. Hi great stuff, but im stuck adding the gradient fill at 10.40 when i do it its not effecting an of the other layers. Keep in mind i am new to photo shop

  5. I work in photoshop as a hobby and I create some posters for my company occasionally, they are always well received. I even created a touristic map of my city just by cloning shapes of monuments and creating vectors to work with, also did the same for making a cartoonish map of the entire city. I enjoy working with pixels and I find your channel very helpful.

  6. Mr. Ramirez, your tutorials are outstanding. I wish I could get some advice on how to memorize all of this. I always watch your videos and then write down everything you say, step by step. When I watch your videos on here I can always create what you show. When I go back and try it with just my notes, I always mess up. I guess it's way easier to learn by watching your video, then to try and do it own your own with the written notes

  7. Merci!! i did it

  8. I dont have photoshop, this is above my level. Could you do a custom Jurrasic Park poster? That said "Emergency/Lost" in place of the movie title for a Samsung S9+ lock screen?

  9. You can ctrl+click on text, then contract the selection and fill it, instead of wasting hours with pen tool ))

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