Hey, what’s going on guys. AmirJD here and today…it’s finally the time we have another reaction video And um… Before we start, if you guys have probably noticed, we have some prizes that we have won in this video So, here’s the Just Dance shirt that we got from Allu from Finland. And also subscribe to his channel if you guys want. Link is in the description And this poster, I won from Chakib from France. You can also check out his social and also his YouTube channel I’ll leave it in the description as well Lastly, is this hat that I won from Francesco from Italy. So, his content is pretty good as well. So you can check out his Instagram and other social medias and also his YouTube channel in the description as well. And lastly, this is my own poster. I didn’t win that. I’m just a big fan of KDA since seeing that fanmade by Redoo, which you can also check out the channel His channel is amazing. So, yeah So for today’s video. We’re going to be watching or reacting, as people say, to the new to the new song in Just Dance 2020 which is Into The Unknown from the new Frozen 2 movie which honestly I haven’t watched yet, but I will soon. So yeah, let’s not waste any more time and jump into it Here we go, I’m excited to see this What? The coach is already beautiful. Oh my goodness… I’m excited to see the full choreo Ooh…love that effect though Okay, so far it’s slow paced but let’s see until the chorus part I like how, the background itself is moving along as well *singing along* I don’t need something new Oh, here comes the chorus *claps* Wow, okay… Can we talk about the effects guys? Seriously, oh my goodness Okay, it’s slowing down (inaudible) And…now she’s outside, I guess *singing along* Who’s a little bit like me? Ooh, you can see the reflection of her underneath. At the lake Ooh… Okay… Oh my gosh. The effects guys Seriously, it’s beautiful Okay… I like that it’s zooming a lot, so that’s a nice touch there Oh, here comes the bridge part Okay, how did they do this? The camera itself is moving That’s impressive Look at that, in the background there Woah, that was cool, at the end there Oh my goodness. That was beautiful That was just beautiful, guys Seriously guys. That was, that was beautiful Oh my goodness. Can we talk about the background guys? Like the effects and everything, was just spot on beautiful. Oh my goodness Well, uh, I think that’s all. I don’t have much to say. It’s just beautiful It’s not like some parts that they are bad, some parts that are good, everything was just perfect But yeah, I’m actually excited to do, to dance the choreo itself Because I’m just watching this, but now I’m gonna play the choreo on the game itself So… Yeah, I think that’s all for today guys Don’t forget to subscribe and also leave a like And follow me on Instagram and Twitter Links are in the description And hope you guys enjoyed this video And we’ll have more Just Dance gameplays in the future So, that’s all for today guys. Bye

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