Kanye West: A Symbol For Peace โœŒ๐ŸŒŠโ˜ฎโ›ฐ

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13 thoughts on “Kanye West: A Symbol For Peace โœŒ๐ŸŒŠโ˜ฎโ›ฐ

  1. ISIS thought the caliphate was a human utopia. Hitler thought he was creating a human utopia. Does this world need more peace? Absolutely. But not too much….too much compassion leads to humans starving because we stopped killing animals. Too much compassion leads to people never having to take responsibility for themselves and mistakes. Too much compassion is what is leading to school shootings. Too much compassion is why a "trans" person can bitch about not being able to join the military and WIN even though they never actually wanted to join the military. This world IS NOT FAIR…its not supposed to be.

    No matter what you think, unless people DIE you won't LIVE. Yin-Yang. There must be darkness to realize there's light. There must be violence to truly understand and appreciate peace. There MUST be responsibility.

    Peace doesn't survive in Winter..does that make sense? Kanye wouldn't survive 3 nights alone in a forest, no matter how successful or peaceful he is. His peacefulness isn't going to shut that stomach up, or keep your organs from drying up.

  2. this is beautiful man, really puts together how I've felt about kanye this whole time. people really confused on why I look up to kanye man

  3. Thanks for the realty check Kayne, this fake life we all live to feel some kind of value, and what controls it? Currency

  4. Wow, I didn't expect this to be so insightful and well-edited. Lots of clips I'd never seen before. This is going to be my new go-to to share with people. Thank you for making it.

  5. This was incredible. Kanye truly is carrying the torch of all the peacemakers of the past. He will be an historical figure when he dies. Well done.

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