Label Planet Guide to Printing Onto Sheets of A4 Laser Labels

Hi, I’m Rachel and I’m here to show you how simple it is to print off your own A4 sheet labels. Anyone with a computer and a printer
can do this within minutes. You can use the printer you already have and there’s no need to buy any special
software; just use Microsoft Word. You can print off the labels you need, when you need them. You don’t have to order thousands from a printer. It’s so easy. I have copied my label design and now it’s just a case of pasting it into the remaining seven cells. For this exercise I am using eight per sheet
labels. Label templates like this one can be
downloaded free from Label Planet dot co dot uk. Now this is done, I will click file and print. And that’s it. They’re ready to peel and stick. There is a range of different labels available on A4 sheets. Removable labels can be stuck on and peeled off at any time, leaving no residue. If you want your labels to stay stuck, you can use permanent labels. You can also print your own clear labels. As well as removable, permanent and clear
labels you can also print your own waterproof
labels. For these you will need to use your
laser printer. As you can see the label is still firmly stuck and the ink doesn’t smudge. Round labels have a variety of uses, especially when you’re printing your own. As before I’ve copied my label design and paste it into the relevant cells.
Printing onto round labels is just as simple as printing onto others. It’s done. So again; file…print. For templates, and to purchase your own A4
labels, visit Label Planet dot co dot uk now. It’s so easy.

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