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I don’t know who I am. But a journey of self discovery seems really difficult to me. So instead, I’ll just label myself, like a can. I don’t have an identity but I’ll just make
one up artificially. Ask others what they think of me in a desperate attempt to be somebody. So tell me. Am I a libra, a scorpio, a gemini? Was I born in the year of the dragon dog or fly? Am I a Type A or a
type B, ESFJ or INTP a kinaesthetic learner or more auditory? Left wing or right wing? Grit or Tory? Don’t label me bro, that’s what I’ll say, but when I get the chance, I’ll
label away. I’m sorry. I’ve just gonna stay home today. I just found out I’m an introvert… okay. Seriously. I just can’t get out of bed. I took a personality test that said, the founding father I’m most like is George Washington and he’s
dead Are you left brain or right brain oh my God
me too that’s insane. What are the chances. your half of the brain would be the same as my
half of the brain? And what websites do you browse? Are you a Redditor or Tumblrite? Answer carefully because one of those is irregular, right? I mean, if we follow the same trends, we can be friends,
but if we don’t well this is where the conversation
ends I’m an introvert cuz for the last three weeks I’ve avoided all human contact. Sounds like you’re just being an anti social freak, you know that? Don’t introvert shame me! Wait could it be I’m lacking identity? I don’t think for myself so I pretend to be a bunch of qualities that don’t pertain
to me in a desperate attempt to be somebody? But I’m not so instead of thinking for myself, I outsource my thoughts to someone else. Labeling myself, like a can on the shelf, but everyone wants to be someone to find yet personal identity is something we find. It’s something we create within our own minds, not something we get
from browsing online. When you label your friends, you label your enemies. You make it unable to find your true identity. You label your ups and you label your downs. You label your smiles and your label, your friends, you label your peaks
and your label, your troughs, but the only label you
get is 50 percent off.

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