Latinos Try To Label A Map Of Latin America

hi I’m Eli and I’m Oscar I’m Alberto and I’m Kim and we will be filling out a blank map of Latin America I didn’t do that great in geography but I got a few homies in South America and I’m from Central America so I know where Mexico is that because that’s where I’m from I’m from central mini-guide so alone right there so I do know that all right yeah I think we’re gonna have some good leverage over in everyone else I have really good photographic memory and I just studied five seconds ago in world history like back in high school I had to memorize every matter I’m South America Latin America so we’ll see if I remember everything every map I think for sure they’re probably gonna take it do we have a lifeline do we have a let me let me burn through I remember our strategy fill it in what a mind I tell you my lord this is Argentina Argentina dude is my papa’s from Nicaragua this is Paraguay Peru Berto Rica Ecuador this is bedroom sorry bro my brain juices go this is Cuba this is that’s PR I already know it is funny gig again pyaare haiti dr Cuba where these guys right here oh that doesn’t count we’re good on that all right what about the I D are Haiti no not Haiti this is a police we got a deal we got a do Central America well what’s here Bailey’s yes the least and then what’s there it’s not alone what the matter next to each other right no or is it this one so where’s home maybe the little one something does okay I think this this is Costa Rica cuz everyone thinks it’s right next to each other it’s not yeah this is Nicaragua and this is kosterow yeah that’s Costa Rica and then this is Panama oh no this is Panama isn’t this Costa Rica isn’t there okay okay I believe you always remember I always run this little bridge oh what’s here just got a busier like French islands do this is the Caribbean yeah I’m just forgot what these two are what is this beginning it’s something Guinea shout-out to my people yeah I’m running I’m running out of steam fast I was there put the Guatemala yeah I mean it has to go here because like these are all Central America Central America goes together right I feel pretty good we’re good yeah yes of the time sell at the time take a good look I don’t nasty places yeah we did pretty well I think we killed it honestly I hope we get at least five right yeah I was worried about these guys the most yeah I’m gonna laugh my ass off of what we beat them do I know him study for a minute we’re both Mexicans I was hoping [Music] yeah I haven’t seen any red ones all right I think I got paired with the right guy freakin I’m so sorry I still do wrong I said that isn’t count what I knew what the police that’s a lot of green considering you did all of it yourselves so kudos to you I blacked out for a second honestly we did really well I think so that’s not a hundred percent I told him this didn’t count I heard of these two before apparently you did okay that was like the first thing I remember yeah we all still passed when you take some time to just invest in it and study it it’s actually quite simple so do your homework people good job you guys [Laughter] [Music] but alike

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2 thoughts on “Latinos Try To Label A Map Of Latin America

  1. Before I watch the video: I'm a white girl from Germany and we were taught world geography in school. I could fill in that map with no problem. So if they fail at this I'm gonna be embarrassed on their behalf.

    Edited to add: okay I'm happy they did quite well! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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