Legendville – Meet Brand

once the land of summoners rift the few warriors were ok guys here’s a plan o me jungle me jungle please okay go brand you take mid can I take the ball clean I feel a little down today fine then Caitlyn you go can I go with brand I don’t want to leave him alone okay I’m the worst captain ever well I guess you’re the only one I can count and Garen Garen so Bob what kind of items can this magnificent store offer me today baby delivery room bamm-bamm little minion I’ll take the Doran shield now give me another one mmmm so what’s wrong brand I mean you’re not even on fire well people are putting me down lately saying I don’t need skills to win and they keep talking something about a face roll I don’t even know what that means hahahaha face roll classic no where was I aha what do you mean you won’t accept that rabbits I worked my ass off for them what we go now let’s go brands would you mind killing some minions they’re really starting to pile up hello I need some help here hey red snap out of it you some minions will you double kill thank you oh I cannot do this anymore I’m going back to base oh come on Bea don’t feel like that Brent Brent help me they’re ganking me triple kill yay your are you sure you’re just sitting there yes golly oh my big bat told me brand pull yourself together if you don’t help us this battle is lost yeah brand why don’t you face wrong haha Wow coming from mr. spin ha ha hey Dad hey kill haha who’s that had a wish / / / who’s rapper

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