Some priests urge us not to
pray but take care of the sick, elderly, poor … they think
that our society needs more mutual help than praying… We must understand immediately
that when we act for the poor, for example, we decide how,
we’re going to save these people. On the other hand, if we use prayer, to
those who have true faith, it is God who help these people … so I think
God’s plan is better than ours. Another thing, when you help someone,
you do it a little for yourself, for do a good deed and win your Heaven. By cons when you pray, you trust
farewell. You have noticed that there are many associations
humanitarian workers who are not Catholic because many people want to help
the others, the problem is that as there are not enough prayers, they don’t act
not as God would like and sometimes their actions increase the
poverty and increase people in distress. Mary in Medjugorje tells us to start
forgive and help people in your family, those who need it and especially to pray
with the heart, to pray as a family, to do prayer groups and praying to each other
for the others … Marie in Medjugorje asks us first
to find true prayer and after you can do works for God… she
rather pushes us to transmit messages from Medjugorje to the whole world and to be a
good Christian to serve as an example to others by being fulfilled and happy in
our religion … Angels in the sky…
It seems that on this video, we see angels dancing in Heaven, look instead
… I have very little means …
But you can make a gesture to help me … You will find all the info to make me a donation, in the description, under the video … Pray …
Please pray for all subscribers of my channel … … who have difficulties and who can no longer follow Marie Close your eyes and repeat after me …
I greet you, Marie full of graces; The Lord is with you, you are blessed
between all women And Jesus, the fruit of your womb, is
blessed. Saint Mary, Mother of God,
Pray for us poor sinners, Now and at the time of
our death. Amen If you want to contact me privately …
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