Liam Gallagher effortlessly rocks London’s O2 Arena armed with maracas, tambourine, and encores galo

 Liam Gallagher had no trouble enthralling audiences during his Why Me? Why Not tour as he took on London’s O2 Arena armed with maracas, a tambourine, and encores galore  Sauntering onstage and wrapping himself in a parka, Liam’s no-nonsense attitude thrilled fans as he belted out hit after hit, naturally slipping in and out of Oasis fan-pleasers and some of the best hits from his new album  Beginning the set with the trademark Manchester City Champions Chant, he quickly got everyone on board (and the beers flying) with Oasis’ Rock ‘n’ Roll Star before delving into the likes of Halo and Shockwave from the new album, and older track Wall Of Glass  Morning Glory, Colombia and Stand By Me were sure to please Oasis die-hards in the middle of the set, before tracks like Once and Why Me? Why Not, with Liam ending the main set with Wonderwall (what else?)  An encore jam-packed with Oasis hits including Roll With Me left the crowd wild and, just when everyone thought it was over and began to leave, the lad popped his head back out, branded everyone ‘silly billies’ and rocked out to Cigarettes and Alcohol, with every main light in the arena blazing  A power move if we ever saw one.  For the most part, he left the sass at home (except to insult London’s football teams, of course), but the 47-year-old still oozed rockstar quality, spending a good minute at the end of the show in silence, soaking in the cheers  ‘I’ve got the sniffles, so you’ll have to excuse the vocals,’ he told us at one point ‘And don’t be saying it’s the cocaine – that’s tomorrow night.’  If his vocals were compromised, it certainly wasn’t noticeable, as bucket-hat donning fans belted their hearts out to each and every song, with some even adopting Liam’s iconic power stance to sing along  In recent times, Liam’s bizarre comments and, naturally, his feud with his brother Noel have taken the spotlight  But if there’s one thing his tour and new album proves, it’s that the music has always been front and centre And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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