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  1. A quick but dare I say, cool and funky logo design tutorial. Try it for yourself and see what kind of designs you can create using these techniques!
    Also check my links to digital downloads and resources above! 👌

  2. Simple & Lightening. You've brought to me another practice. And I am eager to do that. Priceless.P.

  3. Hi Satori. I love the minimalist approach. Find your vids helpfull after a 6m 'crush' course at BCIT. The computer egde in CC are very helpful

  4. My old school diploma/master is greatly enhanced as I found BCIT course too fast to achieve desired results. Your vids give me time to explore.

  5. Hey man, awesome tutorial, I can see this one could work as an app icon as well, kinda has that feel. Just started doing videos, what are you using to record your screen? Are you adding the keystrokes manually? Keep up the awesome work!

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