Logo Design Photoshop | How To Design Simple Text Logo Photoshop Tutorial in 2019 And 2020

My name is David Oisamoje in this tutorial. I’m gonna be talking about logo design Photoshop Yes, you had me well logo design Photoshop. So in this particular video, we are going to be designing a logo design One Instagram page which I own called Patek watch lower So to start with Make sure you have these settings on your Photoshop These settings you’re good to go. I call it the other way Please don’t click out of this video I advise you to watch it to the very end so that you understand every single aspects get your pen and paper and jot down the step if need be or Save this video and come back and watch it again. Very important Very important all my videos tutorial about logo design will be straight to the point. So let’s get started So you come here? click on this rectangular to flip from this edge drag to the other edge field Filled with white or any color you want. I love to start white and the next thing I want to do type the name Part But check you can see small so control a to increase it Creates a check Let me work this once Okay, let me try to find something And we try to find something nice, I think I like this But check Those we Patek watch Watch And love Patek watch love Yeah, those are to working with so now It’s time to arrange it. I Don’t think I’ll be leaving it at red words. I just wanted to get this out of the way so now that I have the three words Try to place it. I already downloaded My elements or just go there and fish it out Please watch to the end so that you get every bit of it and remember to subscribe if you’ve not done that already More videos will be coming out Almost daily. If not daily. You’ll be getting a new video logo design t-shirt design book cover designs and photoshop so many videos of please follow to the end So now let’s reduce this reduce this How do we reduce this bring your mouse we change your press down your Shift on AutoKey button your click down your left mouse button and drag to Reduce you drag out to increase drag into reduce so if I want I’m okay with this or just For this year Take this watch Take it here She did beach take-it Bartek Okay Think of really watching the me do This love she beat yeah Perfect So the next step Would be to reduce I want a 1d watch a bit smaller But I won’t change the phones for the watch Between the phones so just come here and click Recuse We do it fix it into this Control Chi Then shift control left mouse button and try to reduce and Or changes to white right away call our Valley And take it to white The next thing I want to do is group all this layers together so that I can Shift and make sure everything aligns in the middle. So to do that. I’ll click on the Patek then. I’ll press my Autarky button click on this click on this click on this To do that. I did a link on this board. Then I clicked on control ctrl bottom And I clicked on this this one on this then I’ll do ctrl G Then if I close this you see the only one layer with the next step is to send them to The middle so to do that again, I’ll click on this and control this again Shift to the middle perfectly placed in the media now Next step Next I think I can’t I can’t do leaving it like this You can leave it like this The yeah you go it didn’t take us it did take us so long to produce this about six minutes just six minutes include this Didn’t take us so long so long to achieve this Logo design should not be complicated Should never be complicated and if you’ve been watching from you know Obviously watching I hope you subscribed please do subscribe If you don’t miss out on the next video If you want continue to learn simple ways to make classy professional logos Or that design will be coming in like I told you going to be hevene it t-shirts T-shirt design in Photoshop book design in Photoshop logo design like you can see in this one in Photoshop So many designs are going to be coming designs are related to brown brown brand related design. So I advise you to keep watching Subscribe and don’t miss out by turning on your post notification Once you subscribe if you know your subscribe button if you right click on it and click on the paid Bell icon Thank you very much So the next step will be to Upload this I hope you enjoyed this particular video. I will see you on the next one. Bye

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