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57 thoughts on “Logo Design Process: From Start to Finish | #FreelanceFriday

  1. Awesome video Alice and I like your new logo design poet and the bee! Did you make it by yourself? 🐝❤️

  2. Love this logo! What I usually do in regards to colouring the individual rectangles, try highlighting all of the lines + the background shape (so the bees body) and use the pathfinder tool. Make sure all of your lines touch (use Cmd + Y to go into line mode to find out). I can’t remember which pathfinder option it is but I believe it’s the one that’s second in, and this should turn them into individual shapes.

    Alternatively, what I sometimes do is draw a standard rectangle and copy it however many times you want it, but make sure the top & bottom lines on the rectangles are touching. Highlight all of them and pull them down so that they’re touching the background layer (bee’s body). Make sure all the rectangles AND the bee’s body are selected and click on the Shape Builder tool. Hold alt and click on the overhang bits (the bits of the rectangle that extend over the bee’s body) to remove them, and then normal click on each rectangle to turn it into it’s own shape.

    I hope that makes sense! It’s very long winded 😂 I’ll happily explain it in more detail if you need it 😀

  3. You are so creative! I loved watching and learning the process of designing logos! The end result looked great! 💗

  4. Interesting process and nice logo Alice!
    However, I personally I don't feel this is suited to the clients targets audience of children. It feels very masculine and looks like it could be used for a pub branding or rather the obvious honey product. When designing for a younger demographic I tend to stick with a much lighter colour palette and try to use as many soft edges as possible.

  5. This is such a fab video, it makes me really want to get into graphic design again! the final design looked amazing! love to see more videos like this! <3

  6. I loved this so much! I felt like i learned a lot of useful things i can do with all the properties in illustrator! Please do more of these! Lots of love from Portugal💕

  7. Hi Alice I loved this video. Makes drawing much easier and no paper waste. Plus it makes me more motivated to save to get an iPad for drawing and design for my graphics. Love your designs and the stages you go through. X

  8. LOVE this series! I'm not a graphic designer but I work with design a lot in my field (journalism!), so it's super fun to watch your process!

  9. If you haven’t already and I missed it or forgot you did it- can you do one of these whole process videos on the like portrait drawings like the ones you’ve posted on Instagram!

  10. Just an idea for video ur process on creating you graphic design product from start to finish etc. It’s something I might go down

  11. Great logo. However the alignment of the top and bottom "E" in poet and bee should have been aligned to give it a more polished look. To do your coloring you can seperate the lines with the shape builder tool aswell .

  12. Thanks for the video Alice! I planned to be a brand visual designer (i don't even know if that is the right term) next year. You are very attractive too, I'm subscribing <3

  13. feel free to check out my design blog . I like the way you bring value to other designers and users. Thank you.

  14. I love watching people design logos as I'm trying to learn how to design logos and become a freelance logo designer, but I have no experience in the design field or in illustrator.

    – how do you recommend I get experience in the design field and in illustrator and how to learn design logos

    -I have no qualifications

  15. Wonderful process, but next time when digitising the logo you can reduce the opacity of the sketch, so you can see better. Thank you 🙂

  16. For the stripes, you could probably just make the shape with a stroke and mask that group inside the body. If you want a better and clearer way to snap points/lines more accurately, try going into outline mode (CTRL + Y). I think maybe the hexagon stokes could've been thicker to match with the font, but nice logo in the end!

  17. I noticed you somehow open the logo on the mock up in a different photoshop file but its still connected to the mockup when you changed it. How do you access that?

  18. You can use 'clipping masks' for the stripe and wings part. You'll be able to readjust and rearrange the wings without effecting the stripes. This method is non destructive and will save you a lot of time! Hope this was helpful.

  19. quicker way to make evenly spaced lines:

    2 lines, 1 at the top and one at the bottom, select them both, use the blend tool and click each line. Double click the blend tool icon then select specified steps then pick how ever many you want. Then in order to edit each line you go to object > expand appearance 🙂 hope that helps.

  20. Hey Alice! It was super fun watching you design and play with the bits! Absolutely loved the end result! Looking forward to similar videos in the coming days <3

  21. Great video! And I love the logo choice, you did such a cute one! I will say, I think you can also make the bee stripes even by making one line, holding alt and dragging down to copy and move it, and then control + D to repeat as many times as you need, which will make it equally spaced. Not better by any means, but another way (since you asked!) 😉 I, too, am in my beginner stage and plan to start freelancing asap! So any videos you share or tips you can give me are most appreciated!

  22. To do the stripes you might consider doing your 5 lines and space them equally as you originally did. Extend those lines out beyond the edges of the bee hexagon shape. Do make sure that the lines have no stroke or fill applied although the hexagon body can be coloured up with a stroke. Select the hexagon body, and the five lines, then go to pathfinder > divide (the first icon on the left on the second row of the pathfinder palette. Hope this helps. Really good video

  23. For the wings, you can just start with a circle then use the curvature tool to reshape it. Good job.

  24. Hi I'm a bit late (a lot late) to the video, but what programm did you use to design the sketches? If it is procreate (I'm not sure) what is the best Windows alternative?

  25. I started making logos for people this week and I don’t know what to charge people starting off. What’s a reasonable starting price?

  26. I have some tip for you. The body od bee can be done by the tool whitch you used on wings. But nice work done here! 🙂

  27. I love watching the process of you making the logos, it's very interesting and i love the ideas you come up with and the designs <3 What made you want to start doing Graphic Design?

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