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24 thoughts on “Logo Design Success In 2020: 4 CRUCIAL TIPS

  1. I was wondering what am i lacking in my logo design and you answered my question through this video. Thank you so much 😊

  2. Hey Satori!

    Nice video!
    I wonder, do you have any links regarding the psychology of shapes and the rest you have mentioned like angled lines etc?
    Would love to get more indepth about shape psychology 😀

  3. Currently designing my first logo for a client friend on Ai..

    And tell you the truth progress is kind of slow?

    Maybe because the stakes are high? as he's kind of judgemental and knows being a designer is my dream..


  4. Great stuff! Thanks a lot for these types of videos, they help me to understand the thought process a lot better!

  5. I really need advice about creating industrial logo. What do i need to focus on, its product or its name? And if its product, how to make the shape simpler than original.
    I learned alot from most of your videos, man. Thanks!

  6. Ever since I took designing seriously, I've been looking towards your videos. They help so much and I know I'll owe a percentage of my experience to you in the future. So thanks

  7. You watch videos on this channel. Try to follow it, this channel's video is great. However, the channel does not upload videos for more than 1 years. Channel name (Mohammad Ashraf)

  8. WOW! WOW! I was never really into drawing back then but then recently I have been wanting to improve on logo designs. Thank you for the tips, will be watching your other videos to get more tips !!

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