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22 thoughts on “Logo Design tutorial | What Makes This Logo Professional? | Satori Graphics

  1. Hope you enjoyed this video and found it useful. Remember to Subscribe if you have done already, and have a great weekend!

  2. So many useful points here thanks a lot 👍. Can you do a tutorial on isometric concept I want to make a wallpaper but I can't 😥. (sorry for my bad English)

  3. nice tutorial . what about completing this logo design and design business card , A4 and presentation for this logo ? 😊

  4. wow! you're a good teacher rather than anybody else. it seems you really explain specifically the details not just a tutorial. some are not like what you are teaching keep if up! thanks a lot for this, another knowledge from your part.

  5. how do you match the font's width with the cube's width ? I hope it's not tedious and obvious way of visually superimposing one over other and adjusting the size

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