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20 thoughts on “Logo redesign process and walk through for Simply Jack Vettriano – Logo Design

  1. as always, simple but very useful.

    i found the strong relation between the content and visual. mind if i ask? when you design that, what is the hardest part, and how you handle it?

  2. Wow what a difference, really nice design. Thank you for showing us your process. Question, with the social media version would using the same double borders as the main logo work or is unnecessary?

  3. I like that new logo – especially the outlines around the umbrella. The social media logo doesn't fit my taste fully but it'll work I assume. Thx for sharing and I'm looking forward to the next logo video.

  4. Hi Col..! I really like the new logo… your design process is also presented very well… thank you so much..! 🙂

  5. THANK YOU… one of the first/ best walk through videos explaining the process… excellent work sir… you've gained a subscriber

  6. I’m loving these videos where you go through your thought process, step by step. It’s fantastic to watch and hear thoughts on what works, what doesn’t, and why. I find them incredibly helpful. Keep up the top work (and stay creative of course)!

  7. Super video – love the step by step process – you are very easy on the ear and very clear in your explanations and thought process. keep up the great work – you are an inspiration

  8. I really like the process you went with. One thing I realized was that, if the umbrella simbolizes "vettriano" immediately, I Would have made the exercise of reducing the logo to "simply jack", since the logo itself asks for that, with the support of the umbrella as Vettriano. It even reminds me of the song "hit the road jack". Just a thought. Great video.

  9. Great improvement!
    How do you manage the gap in the umbrella interception to the lines for it to be equal in every side?

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