Luxury Brands You Shouldn’t Spend Your Hard Earned Money On

With more and more families finding it necessary
to watch where every penny goes, treating yourself to a special, luxury purchase is
a huge deal. It’s easy to look to celebrities and pop culture
to see what’s hot and what’s worth the hefty price tag, because if A-listers are wearing
it, it must be good, right? Not so fast. Since that’s not always the case, let’s talk
about some luxury brands that aren’t worth their weight in gold. Once touted as one of the most popular handbag
lines in the world, Coach has recently declined in popularity after too many sales made them
far too accessible to be considered exclusive. Coach is trying to rectify that problem by
introducing even more expensive bags to its already pricey line and cutting back on online
flash sales. While that means things are getting better
for the company, Coach is no longer viewed in quite the same light it once was… and
that’s something you might want to consider if you’re purchasing one of their bags in
order to make a statement. There was a time when Michael Kors handbags
were highly coveted status symbols, but the MK bubble burst right around the same time
that Coach began to lose its following. According to Business Insider, the luxury
brands had similar problems: overexposure and increased accessibility led to a huge
decline in sales. The company is trying to turn itself around
and improve its image, but it isn’t quite there yet. While the company still markets itself as
a luxury brand, if you’re going to shop Michael Kors you should wait for one of the many sales
which often feature markdowns up to 50 percent. There’s something shady about the sunglasses
industry, and we aren’t just talking about the lenses. It doesn’t matter if you’re buying a designer
pair or some cheap shades from the drugstore, your sunglasses were likely made by the same
company: Luxottica. Luxottica has a major monopoly on the sunglasses
industry, with at least half a billion people around the world likely owning a pair made
by the company. Luxottica makes sunglasses for brands like
Chanel, Polo, Tiffany, Coach, and Ray-Ban, and while Luxottica won’t reveal their exact
markup, their designer shades can retail for an estimated 20 times what they actually cost
to produce. Many of their cheaper glasses also look quite
similar to the more expensive brands, making designer sunglasses quite the rip-off. All you’re really paying for is the brand’s
logo on the side of the frame, which most people probably won’t see anyway. There’s no denying that SMEG appliances are
gorgeous. The retro-style brand was founded in Italy
in 1948, but has become more popular since the 1990s when it launched a line of 1950s-style
refrigerators. Today, they have other retro-inspired appliances
that might look good in your kitchen but aren’t so great for your wallet or practical use,
if reviews are any judge. SMEG might be regularly praised for its sleek
design and brightly-colored finish, but it also tends to get marked down when it comes
to things like general useability. That’s not the worst news. When the brand paired up with Dolce & Gabbana,
they succeeded in producing some beautifully designed appliances… with astonishingly
high price tags. How high? A Dolce Gabbana and SMEG blender will run
you a whopping $850. “That’s insane!” It only gets worse, because a refrigerator
from the line costs a laughable $50,000! No refrigerator is worth that much money,
especially when it comes with less storage space than the average refrigerator model. While Prada might sell some quality goods
befitting luxury brands, some of their offerings are questionable to say the least. For example, there is absolutely no world
in which a $185 paperclip can be worth the cost. Sure, it’s made out of sterling silver and
is officially advertised as a money clip, but if you have so much cash that you can
sink nearly $200 on a money clip, then you have too much cash for a money clip to hold. “No I have never once experienced anything
remotely like that. NEVER.” The high price tag is in keeping with the
line’s other outrageously priced products. The average cost of a purse runs into the
thousands. While Hermès still retains its ironclad reputation
as being one of the world’s most iconic fashion brands, this is still a line you might want
to skip if you’re looking to get good value for your money. Let’s examine the Hermès Birkin, a luxury
purse that many consider to be the holy grail of handbags. Prospective buyers have to sign up for a two-year
waiting list and fork over a five-figure sum before taking one of these home. Is it worth the money? Former CEO Patrick Thomas explained the exorbitant
price tag, saying: “There’s always one craftsman responsible
for the whole process of the bag, from the start to the end. To create a single bag, it costs around 15
to 20 hours.” In other words, you’re paying nearly $1,000
an hour to have that bag made just at the low end. The crippling cost of the Birkin may be part
of the reason so many of them end up being put up for collateral at pawn shops. Cost aside, even the person the bag is named
for, model and singer Jane Birkin, went through a love-hate phase with the bag because of
the cruel treatment endured by crocodiles that are slaughtered for the bags. You’re far better off spending your money
on a brand that is kinder to animals, not to mention your wallet.

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42 thoughts on “Luxury Brands You Shouldn’t Spend Your Hard Earned Money On

  1. If people are buying things because they’re “exclusive” they should really spend their money on a shrink to heal their tragically insecure egos. “I’m special because I’m the only one with this bag”. Hahaha is that really all you have to offer? If it’s well made and you like it, then buy it. Period.

  2. Coach makes long-lasting bags at a semi-reasonable price. I don't love a lot of their designs, but some are definitely cute. Overall they are a solid brand, and if your biggest issue with them is that their stuff is too accessible, then, well, that tells me everything I need to know about you.

  3. Just one of the few reasons why some 70% of Americans are living paycheck-to-paycheck, and one $500 emergency away from bankruptcy! All of this rubbish is overpriced hype. Don’t allow yourselves to be consumed by consumerism. 💡

  4. I make my own purses out of old blue jeans, and the only statement I'm making is, "I don't care if you think I'm cheap for making my own purses; I can make my purses exactly what I want.

  5. Who invests into handbags? Especially if they cost well over 5 figures??? People, luxury or not, it's a handbag! You cannot live in it, eat it, drink it, learn from it. And the price is high only because crazy women are ready to pay it. I don't mind having good quality bag that would last me decades but i m not paying that much money just for the brand name.

  6. I would never buy something from Chanel. While the products they put out are gorgeous I can't help but judge the company on the fact that Gabrielle Chanel, the founder of Chanel, was a collaborator during World War Two.

  7. I would only get a original Gucci, LV, a normal birkin, Chanel bags omg I love chanel.I really want the really small Lv bag. But when I’m 16. I don’t like expensive bags, I mean yes I do like I love iconic ones, not some shitty bag for 100000 dollars with those ugly flowers from Gucci. I recommend mostly Chanel bags, they are better. Now thrifting- There’s 2 reasons they sold those bags, 1) its bad and ew 2) they put it in disgusting places. I don’t want a second handed virus thing on me. Even the lucky you get, like finding a Burbery (I think you spell it) Scarf for like 2 dollars it’s totally fake. It is made of cashmere and it’s like 200/300 dollars. Please just shop in like normal people stores like Hm or Pink or other economy clothing. DO NOT thrift, it’s cheap but you don’t know what that shirt has been in… If u poor asf yes u can thrift like if ya homeless yes like pls.. This vid is fucking dumb lmao

  8. I have a number of luxury good but now I have started to purchase replicas. The replicas are often made the same or better that the originals and at a lesser price. I couldn't care less what people have to say about it ESPECIALLY because they aren't paying for it lol!

  9. This is stupid. The Hermes Birkin you can literally resell and double your money depending on colour and hardware

  10. MK is the poor wanna be, just save a lil more and get a really nice bag, it's worth the wait. Coach has amazing unique bags you wont see anywhere else.

  11. Michael Kors and Coach are not luxury brands. And Prada’s quality isn’t questionable. Their products are beautiful and they last forever.

  12. Sometimes it's a waste to buy luxury items until you get to use them for awhile. y u p o o @ p m . m e
    Buy GOOD quality fakes (grade 3 to 5) not the rubbish 1-grade quality for $100-300 or so sold on eBay, Amazon or from China by bad sellers who won't even guarantee it arrives.
    Email these guys. They have hundreds of superb items and a great quality that you can be happy with will cost $700-$1,300. Max. It's worth it if you love fashion and just want a new item to try every month. If you love it, you just go and buy the original from the flagship store!
    Just email and tell them what you need: y u p o o @ p m . m e

  13. I don't think I would have been fooled 🤔 at least I hope not! In a certain price range, I'm usually looking for shoes that have been sewn and not glued, leather insoles and usually leather uppers… there should be some cushion when I'm wearing a heal, and preferably the foot bed has the heel sitting just a bit back so that it pulls the weight off the ball of the foot… there's just things I'm looking for, and I would hope changing the name of the store wouldn't sway my opinion of what is good quality. AND, if Payless has that… I'm all for it.

  14. Coach really is great quality . Had they not overproduced, we would be paying a lot more for sure.. I don't mind spending $400- $500 on a coach bag bc for that price point, I know I can use it daily, it will clean up very well, and last for years.. Plus, their bags are a classic staple!

  15. Louis Vuitton is not really fancy anymore. Every time I go to the grocery store I see at least 2 people that have a Louis Vuitton bag. I don't exactly live in a rich area either.

  16. Okay lemme just say. Hermes has done a great job on the exclusivity on the Birkin, and some people invest in Birkins instead of the stock market, so I don't know why this on this list.

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