MA Luxury Brand Management at Goldsmiths

London is one of the world’s capitals for luxury brands It’s a very important part of our economy Luxury Brand Management as an MA is important because this is a growth area which goes much beyond just the normal luxuries associated with retail but into some very interesting areas such as luxury hospitality, luxury restaurants, luxury hotels. In other words, experiential luxury What’s so good about studying this programme at Goldsmiths is first of all it’s culturally global, secondly it deals with a growing sector of the modern economy, and thirdly it’s based on serious research underpinning The people contributing to this program are all serious researchers who have published in this field and in this field I think that makes this course stand out The whole point about the course is that it has a global focus The case studies that will be used are not just drawn from Britain and the rest of Europe Our frame of reference is very global In fact we can help students to have voluntary assignments or placements through our contact networks luxury can be defined in Luxyry can be defined in many ways but i would say it’s something that is a little bit out of the ordinary Something that’s precious, something that’s very special to you Luxury is very necessary and relevant in today’s world We have a growing consumer economy across the world People no longer want just average goods they want special goods It’s changes like this to the modern economy and make luxury so important

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