Making Soy Wax Candles & Testing the Golden Brand | Summer Short Series

Hi and welcome to “La Fille de la Mer” my name
is Ariane Arsenault and today I’m gonna tell you about some testings I did for my
candles, because as many of you know, one of the brands that many candle makers
were using, including me, were out of stock They had an international
shortage of their soy wax for candles so I decided to test another brand while
waiting for my usual supplier to stock back their soy wax so I
did some testings with the Golden Brand soy wax and I’m just gonna show you what
I’ve learned. The first thing that I did is that I made votives and then I placed
them into my status jars and I pour my wax at about 135 degrees Fahrenheit. I
did that for my 8 ounce and my 12 ounce status jars. Here are the two candles
that I test poured this morning. I am removing the wick centering tools and
checking the surface for irregularities. When you pour soy wax, in the cool down,
sometimes it creates a little crater or a void in the surface of the wax and I
want to eliminate that so I’m using a heat gun and gently heating the
surface of the wax until there no longer seems to be a void then I’m gonna
let that wax cool down again and check the surface later to see if it
fixed the issue. So there I am done with the 8 ounce candle and I’m gonna proceed
and do the exact same thing for the 12 ounce candle. Now if we take a closer
look at the center of the wick I can see that there are air bubbles that are
coming out so I melted that really nicely and made sure that all of the air
bubbles were coming out and then I just put the wick centering tool back on
again and wait till this firms up for two days before test burning. I have
cut down my wicks and it’s time to do the burn test after the golden brand wax
has been setting for 48 hours this one is an
8-ounces and this one is 12 ounces and I will be back, I’ll let these burn for one
hour and then I’ll show you what the burn pool looks like and how the wax and
the wicks performed together. Oh! By the way these are HTP 1212
and these are HTP 105. Here is 40 minutes in to burning tests and the pool is
almost at the edges of the container it doesn’t feel too hot, it’s just warm and
I will keep this burning to complete a full hour and see if I reach a full burn
pool within an hour be right back! Oh! look at these little tea light these are
perfect really happy about these. These candles have been burning for a 1 hour
and I’m pretty happy with the results as the burn pool has reached the edge of
the glass on both candles so that’s a very good sign. When you reach a full
burn pool it means that from there and on the wax will keep fueling the wick
and we’ll go down evenly rather than creating a void or a crater and like
digging into the wax rather than burning down equally. So… Great! It’s time to turn
these off they have been burning for 4 hours You can see that the burn pool is
very nice, the flame isn’t too big but since they’ve been burning for a while
they’re kind of making little balls on the top so I’m gonna blow these out, I’m
gonna let these cool down completely then I’m gonna trim my wicks and keep
enjoying them another day. And now for the real test making a whole bunch of
candles with the golden brand you can see that I’ve made the votives with the
same wax that I’m pouring right now. I’m pouring at 135 degrees F but this time I am coloring my candles and scenting them at 5%. We made many candles with
many different scents in many different colors because we really had to restock
for the shop. Here you can see the votives through the clear wax but as it
dries and hardens up the wax will be opaque and the colors will be a bit
lighter. Here they are now! This is a different technique; we’re doing a double
pour so two layers. It’s the same thing basically but with two colors on top of
each other. Still we had problems with frosting and little craters or gaps
creating irregularities on the surface of our candles so we did have to use the
hot-air gun and blow on top of each candle to fix the surface. It was not
absolutely perfect but it was good enough for my expectations!
I’m working with a different product so I have to expect something different! And
here they are all laid out in the shop This candle was made using soy wax from
my previous supplier, it’s nice and smooth, this was done in a single pour,
with the same technique using the votives inside but at one pour no heat
gun was required to smooth out the top. This is the only thing that was a bit
more tricky to do with the Golden Brand I had to heat gun every single candle so
the tops would be smooth and even though there was a little bit of frosting on
top in my colored candles but definitely the Golden Brand has saved my summer
season as we sell so many soy wax candles in the shop, so I’m really happy I have
this wax available. I will make another candle making video once I get my new
wax back, because our supplier is supposed to stock back up in August and
they will have a new formula; so more testings for me to do and I will keep
you updated on that as well. Thank you so much for watching, if you have any
questions or comments leave them in the comment section below. Don’t forget to
subscribe to the channel, if you liked this video give me a thumbs up and I
will see you later! Thank you, good bye!

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98 thoughts on “Making Soy Wax Candles & Testing the Golden Brand | Summer Short Series

  1. Do you use a special kind of glass you pour in or does any type of glass work? Do I need to look out for some special properties so that the glass doesn't crack?

  2. Hello Ariane.  I have been watching your soap videos for a while and I love them.  Would it be possible for you to do a step by step video on how to make soy wax candles?  I have been making them for over a year now but have challenges when it comes to getting a great cold / hot throw.  Love your videos…keep them coming!  Peace & Blessings – Cheryl

  3. Hello! I absolutely love your channel? I would like to know why do you put votives in the center of your candles?

  4. Beautiful Candles, I make candles 464 Golden Brown Soy Wax, & had the same problem, still testing waxes until have the perfect one, and is very expensive testing waxes, colors, and wicks…
    But your Candles are Amazing..
    Great Job Ariane

  5. Is a good idea to put the votive candle in the middle of the Candle
    the color white is going to mixed withe other color. Good Job!!

  6. Woah these are high quality candles. Why do you put a block of candle before hand? How do you avoid pooling of wax in candles?

  7. 🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀
    Ah, I didn't know there was an international shortage of the Ecosoya Wax….I had tried to order from my favorite place Brambleberry and they are out until late 2017….So, I searched, searched, searched and found the gold wax….I guess I selected the best you could find (if I couldn't find Ecosoya) and I didn't even know it, lol….(Confirmed from you in this vid and another popular company) I love your idea of putting the votive's in first to prevent craters….

  8. Hi Ariane
    I'm so glad I watched your candle making video before I started making them. I really like to idea of using the votive candle in the center to prevent craters. Pure genius !!!!
    Thank you for sharing . I love your videos <3

  9. Hi Ariane , I have been watching your soap making videos and I have gained a lot by watching them. I have started making melt and pours and will soon be moving to cold process as it's a new concept here in India. I loved the candle video. One question I had was what's the purpose of using a votive candle in the Center of the soy candle?

  10. I always wondered why my soy candles had irregular surfaces. I wish all candle makers were as concerned about quality control as you are. Thanks for sharing!

  11. I tested htp 1212 in this same container and I don't like how it mushrooms so quickly. I have to double wick these 😟 thanks for the video, always look forward to your videos!

  12. Mille merci pour la traduction en français super tes chandelles j'adore en faire brûler de temps en temps pour un moment de détente merci encore de partager ton savoir faire

  13. Have you ever experience the color of the wax kind of fading from the edges? I've noticed that in 100% soy wax that I've purchased from my local craft store. I've noticed it when I make tarts and I've also seen some candles do that fading. The product doesn't have to be "old" like within a week or two I've noticed the fade start. Do you think it comes from me not stirring the color long enough or could the problem be in the wax? I don't like how it looks but have never tried the reheating with the heat gun. What do you think could be causing that issue? Any insight would be appreciated. Your candles look great by the way.

  14. I have had the same issue with frosting and craters i even poured at different temps but i didn't have to use the heat gun on all of them

  15. Hi!! I'm your huge fan from South Korea. I have been using golden wax and as I learn, their melting temperature is a little higher than other waxes. What i am suggesting is warm the container that you are going to pour in so that the wax doesn't experience the extreme temerature changes. Likewise, a little higher room temperature helps too. Also they are pretty stable poured at certain temperature(about 60celcius;I learned from many experiences but i didn't measure exactly)
    I hope my tips help!! XO

  16. Great video 🙂 are the votives unscented? Also, is that technique something you learned from other candle makers, or is it something you came up with yourself? Thanks 💜

  17. Hi can you explain why you make your candles with a votive? Have you made beeswax candles too? I always have a sink hole problem with my beeswax candles and was wondering if you have any ideas on how to prevent it?

  18. I never heat gun mine. I only fill my candles up so far then when they settle I top them off with more wax. Perfect flawless finish.

  19. I use GB 444. What I don't like about it is when coloring after it sits a while it frosts. And it looks horrible & using heat sometimes make it look worse. Does the eco wax prevent frosting?

  20. Could you refined a good place to get jars like yours? I would like to try to make my own candles but can never find nice containers

  21. Phi Arianna apparently the wick size maybe too large I had same problems and I swapped to a smaller wick and it works better depending on the size of candle you are making xxx always love your videos thank you xx

  22. I appreciate your hard work, both in soaps and in Soy wax candles. About the wick, the wooden wick would burn better and project your hard work really well.

  23. Ariane J'adore ce que tu fais tu es super originale, créative et généreuse 👍🏼Tes vidéos sont de vrais bijoux, merci ❤️
    Kiss from PUGLIA Italy

  24. firstly i love all of your videos and love seeing the progress on your new building. 😃
    i have a question about the votives that you make.
    do you use a different wax for those so they unmould or did you use the golden soy wax also? and if so did you find it hard to unmould them from the votive mould? thank you for your time.

  25. Love all of your videos Ariane! At what temperature do you add your fragrance? There are different recommendations. One is as low as possible, the other is as high as possible. What works for you?

  26. Ariane, I love your soap videos and you are very talented. With that said, you should NEVER EVER get a full melt pool on your first burn, especially within an hour. If you do, further down the candle you glass jar will get too hot. It looks like you should at least wick down one or maybe two sizes. Also, soy wax, regardless of brand or type, needs a minimum of two weeks to fully cure, not 2 days. The fragrance oils will not be fully incorporated at the two day mark

  27. I made a few comments below. This Golden Wax 464, I have been experimenting with it like you. This wax seems to be a really soft wax, soft then the NGI, so I add refined bees wax .03 to 1lb this really helps with the frosting and gives a smooth look to the top. They are perfect. I love to experiment and with the shortage of the Advanced Soy NGI, looks like we need to make adjustments. Try it, it's awesome.

  28. Thank you Ariane for inviting us into your testing journey! Are the votives that you placed into the center scented as well?

  29. safety issue….you should NEVER blow out a candle..always Snuff it out..there was a news story recently where a woman got 2nd and 3rd degree burns to her face when the flame and wax flared up into her face….I would hope you label this warning on your candles to avoid a lawsuit should injury occur to customers from your products…

  30. Golden Brand has a terrible shelf life. Within a few months it will be completely unstable. This is fine if you burn your candles right away but many people don't.

  31. Great informative video as always. I've been testing the golden waxes & found them quite good. The best one for me GW 494. It didn't frost, nice smooth top with no sink holes & had a really good fragrance throw. I also found that GW 464 frosted badly even though it had a good scent throw. So that one was out the picture. I also tried GW 444 which was good with fragrances, no frosting. Great tip with the votives for support. I will give that a go. xxx

  32. Thank you for your honest review of golden when compared to your old wax. I'm assuming you used 464 for this test, you didn't say which golden you used but I recognize the tops and the need for extra work to try to smooth the surface. In my experience using the heat gun didn't result in a creamy top but a greasy, grainy looking top. I used to use cb adv and had normal issues finding the right wick, container and scent combinations which is enough, but the golden 464 adds the challenge of these difficult basic pours. I'm told that in order to remedy these horrible tops you pour at much cooler temps, when the wax is starting to be cloudy. I've tried that and still have yet to get a nice creamy pour. Some candles will pour and set up nicely, exact same candles one right after the other, so I am not sure what is going on. I've seen your other video testing the new 210 220 and 230 from ngi ecosoya, I hope those waxes really do perform like that. I've been very frustrated with this process and feel for those who are supporting shops. Thank you.

  33. Ariane, will you share your recipe for scenting the votive that you put in the center of the jars? How do scent that votive? Do you scent the wax that is poured onto the white votive in the video?

  34. HI Ariane,I accidently deleted my comment oops. I am a very depressed staff nurse at our local Hospice. I am about to retire and was looking forward to more time to candle make but I am finding it so difficult to find the proper wick to go with the golden brown 464 soya wax, which iswhat I chose after I too couldn't get my normal soya wax. I can't get a good fragrance throw with any I have tried However i have spent a small fortune which I won't be able to continue doing after retirement. Can you give me any hints as what to try for the 8oz and 12oz jars. I have tried to get the htpwicks however postage to Scotland Great Britain is nigh on imposible.Can you give any suggestions. Keep up the fabulous work on both candle making and soap making.

  35. If I put two colors together like a votive of one color and the red and regular wax of another one will it morph into another color

  36. I been making soy candles for 1 and a half year and my clients love the rustic finish on the top, my only concerns is that in hot weather it forms like a serum because soy wax has a low fusion .

  37. How come you have a votive in the jar first, then pour more soy over it? I thought it was just pour straight in?

  38. I would love to make a small candle that fits into a jar like yours. Did you do a video of making your smaller candle?

  39. Hi. Beginner at candle msking. Why do you use a votive in the middle of your candle? Is there a specific reason?

  40. What kind of soya wax do you normally use. Want to start making them but they have different numbers and not sure where to start. Thanks

  41. Hi. I really liked your video
    Can you please explain to me when i should add the fragrance oil? You said to add it at 135’F, but what if the flash point of the frangrance oil is 65’ when do you add the fragrance oil to the melted wax? What temperature should the wax be at before i add the oil?

  42. Ariane,
    What happens when the flame gets down to the white votive and you are using dyed wax for the rest of the candle? Does the votive show through? If using fragrance oil, does the scent throw lessen when it gets down to the votive area?

  43. Can you please tell us which wax you usually use? The one that you said was out of stock for a really long time? I use Ecosoya Q210 and it is so easy and smooth all the time. And the fact that you can add more fragrance than other soy waxes means a stronger throw. It’s fantastic

  44. Hi there , so what is the best candle soy wax out there? You said 8oz jar using htp 105 wick ? And 12 oz jar using htp 1212 wick ?

  45. Do you always look up the flash point of the essential oils or fragrance oils that you are using? I don't know how serious that is?

  46. Hi there, yur candle and soap is great , u do have very technique. Beautiful, what ecosoya wax did u use? There are 3 kind out there ?

  47. Hi there , does yur votive is fragrance? Add or just no fragrance add it until u pour soy wax into jar?

  48. hello Ariane Arsenault how r u going i hope you having a good week.Can you use any kind of jars and glasses jars and tumbler if is glass tumblers

  49. Hello! Wonderful video!thanks:) do you know which candle wax supplier is best in Europe? For European candle makers ?
    Anyone knows perhaps?

  50. Hi, beginner here! This is the first hobby I’ve become interested in after 7 yrs of chronic illness. Could you tell me which wax you used, 444 or 464? That crucial information would help me immensely! Also, the wick centering devices look very helpful, please let me know where you purchased them? Thank you in advance for your help! Thank you for this video. Blessings and love to you 💗

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