Making The Brand: The Ink

One of the things that we’re always hearing
from our customers is how soft our prints end up and that process starts here in the
rainbow room. Where we choose one of these awesome Pantone
colors or mix up a custom one. And one of the neat things is they never need
a lid because they don’t dry out. After we’ve chosen our Pantone colors if we
don’t feel like they’ll be as soft as we need in the end They’ll take them back here to the lab Add some solvents to continue to dilute it
and create that soft hand feel that we need. The final two ways that we can achieve the soft hand Is by playing with the holes in the screen and the size of them to allow more or less
ink though. And then also by playing with the durometer
or the hardness of the squeegee that we’re using. All of the processes combined allow us to create an amazing print on a tee shirt that
you can wear and wash for decades.

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One thought on “Making The Brand: The Ink

  1. Looking forward to my Brewski Tee! If I could make a request for the future: more stickers to choose from that I can put on my brain bucket

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