Marine Corps Trademark Office

You know what you can’t sell using the Marine Corps Eagle Globe and Anchor? dildos I’m dead serious and yes there’s a true story behind that but first let’s back up a little bit. In 2009 the Marine Corps launched their very own trademark licensing office. Their job is to protect and preserve the smallest military branch’s intellectual property. And they take their job very seriously. In 2009 the Marine Corps had 6 registered trademarks They now have 474 and counting Now if you want to read the full write up on this there’s a sweet description on the link above for ya so what are the rules here? I’m going to list out all the things you can not do with the registered Marine Corps trademark image Sell stuff Promote your non-profit Promote your intramural beer pong league. Imply endorsement in any way from the United States Marine Corps Or to promote any group or function. Now here’s what you can do. Request permission from the Marine Corps to use their image and likeness in order to sell products and then most likely pay a licensing fee if approved Get sweet motto tattoos that’s fully safe Cover your truck-boat-truck with tons of Marine Corps EGA stickers and Semper Fi Scream “Yut!” in the gym Say, “Semper Fi” to some fellow Marine buddies on the street. Use it in your tinder dating profile However, if you’re just a belligerent Marine who wants to score a few points for yourself against the green weenie and make a belligerent t-shirt or hat just for yourself not for sale You just need a giant disclaimer making it clear that (dramatic camera turn) *clearing throat for awesomeness* Neither the United States Marine Corps nor any other component of the Department of Defense has approved, endorsed, or authorized this product (or promotion, or service, or activity) as an integral part of the use of imitation. *Nailed It* But you can’t produce dildos, slap EGAs on the packaging, and sell it for profit Like the girlfriend of a Marine did and that shit was shut down faster than pulling rank at an off-base bar in Oceanside So, now you know if you want to market or sell products using the Marine Corps image or likeness It’s in your best interest to ask permission first and if they say no, don’t do it. because they will absolutely sue you I’m Patrick with Task & Purpose, if you want more sweet content like this, go to make sure you sign up for our email list Or don’t and be like ISIS.

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