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  1. This session is how an MBA class should be taught, with a question and answers not reading from a book that is out of date once the book is published. Its time to just get started. #ILoveCompliance

  2. Lots of interesting stuff here but being in Asia I have some opinion about the level of listening here – at times i didn't think some were listening to you gary

  3. Just recently started listening to you. I was listening to les brown zig zigler and a few others. they are motivating but u provide an insight they dont. They are more old school i guess. They tell u to do it, motivating sure but u tell us how to do it, How to build from what u got and u motivate too. I feel we have a lot traits that are similar. I feel like u have awaken my inner drive to be a better more successful man. I thank you for that. Keep up the good work and i will strive to be more like u.

  4. Keynote after Keynote I am amazed at some of the audiences and how little they know and then what blows my mind more is those going to your keynotes already have some social media experience.. is the general business and employees really this unaware.. But back to the start of my comment. Keynote after Keynote… In the past month I have consumed over and over absolute gold in every single one. Even if its just the smallest little insight or tip.
    Lets change the world! I love it how can we influence the millenials with morals etc… -YES yes yes yes

  5. Thanks again for more insane value Gary 🙂 you've changed the way I see content, and were the biggest inspiration behind starting my YouTube show. I'm happy to say it's up to 86 episodes. I cannot wait to see what 2018 brings, cheers!

  6. 46.18 I kinda feel this guy doesn't get it… Or he's just not listening. I also wonder how often a little "common sense" is actually used by some of these "entrepreneurs" I'm no business man or entrepreneur but even I know the answer to some of these questions… 🤔

  7. The brutal honesty you gave to the last person about his brother was amazing.

    It would have been really easy to tell him what he wanted to hear but the truth is always better

  8. Digital marketing is not something that you can compare with Mad Men! The decaying carcass of Don Draper definitely seems to be the end of gut-driven marketing era. Moreover, the digital world seems to be always in pair with humongous data streams. Nowadays, you can describe everything by numbers starting from human behavior to transactional path. The modern times certainly seems to be the dawn of the new era!!

    Anyways, read the below. This might help.

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  9. I think all were really good questions but the lady who exposed herself for being a bad boss should be eye opening for a lot of people. I think it was a great Q&A. Thank you for this.

  10. @Sadhguru fixed the problem of teaching and building schools that teach and start with self-awareness. If you are not self-aware, the fundamentals are wrong and no matter what you do, you end up in problems one way or another. His course inner engineering helps a lot with that.

    Awesome keynote Gary! thanks for sharing! I just got your book in the mail 🙂

  11. My favorite question was the education one, more because of your response… and I have what could be part of the answer… a summer camp for kids that actually exposes them to as many different things as you can and allows THEM to narrow their field. Ie. Start with sports, a couple hours of 4 sports a day for a couple days, then they pick 2 of those for the next couple days then get to focus on just one for a few days. They learn to differentiate what they like or don't but also get to feel the reality of really spending time and effort rather than just romanticizing the idea of it

  12. Garyvee when does you book drop? I just bought it on the kindle app, and I can't wait to start reading it. Thanks for "crushing it", taking videos, and giving me the opportunity to get a better understanding!!!!

  13. This man is brilliant. I listen to what he says; but more than that; I love to see how he thinks about things. He's incredibly insightful.

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  15. My favorite question was when the lady asked about how to find success in her business when hiring people she feel was not up to her standards. 😂 That was Real spill Gary Vee ! I felt like u was talking to me !

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  17. I would like to see the Q&A session where people don't ask you the exact same questions and then exaggerate what they're doing and what they have done… Insecure

  18. Gary. Most of those questions were not even sincere. People just want to be talking with gary vee. But the worst part is I probably wouldnt be able to ask you a good queation either. Yet the funniest ones are the ones you have asnwered like a million times.

  19. `this is very interesting about the audio because I feel I listen more to your notes when I've your videos playing in the office and have a thumbnail size screen of the video playing the the corner of my comp. But I guess it's preference and everyone to their own.

  20. the last question seemed to hit home about ego. I began to think the very same with my role. I think I do a great job and think i have to control my ego. It really hit home when you went through with the client, talking about how setting high expectations and others to follow. thanks for your content and helping me think about my self!

  21. This is one of the best responses I’ve heard from you. Clear and concise for me to understand. How to use history and media. Podcasting learning and being a practitioner. Thanks Gary V. and all of the people that asked questions.

  22. I don't really have a best question of the Keynote! All I can say is that you are spot on with a lot of your advice to others! Wow, what a gift you have! Continued Blessings!

  23. My favourite question from this keynote would have to be the question about content and knowing or learning which platform to use. I am currently trying to build a following/brand on instagram, and I read a sentnece in Crushing it, that pretty much gave a synopsis, as to what platform would be used to market to what audience. I discovered that instagram is basically the billboards you see along the road while you are driving. My instagram is called @_mtv8_, reason being that I play the motivation game, with the goal being to inspire as many people as possible to go after their dreams, build a life that they love, all the while doing the same for myself. My question is also which platform I should look into using next, and if I were to create a podcast, would it be a good idea to interview other succesful entreprenuers, or just to keep griniding it out on my own, and creating a motivational based podcast? Thanks GaryVee. You inspire me to inspire others. Love your work, love what you do, and everythinf you stand for.

  24. Inability to operate EgoUp to who's levelSelf exposion and winI am better Play with meI am not willing to lower standards"I believe that i can duplicate"I have a reputation
    She is so fucking self esteem and honest, the people who are getting tired of her judgement are not self esteem about them fucking selves. She Did it, she is the fucking matrix.
    Be you an enjoy it based on supply and demand. Be honest without liberaging somebody else.
    Selfawarness is hard and a brother with cancer.
    He is actually saying: "I didnt make out there, do i have an excuse to judge my failures on the back of my brother.""
    God fucking dammit, This is marketing.

  25. Hey Gary, first of all you are amazing!!! The way you spoke with that lady about her ego was a lifetime lesson, love it!! Thank you so much!

  26. Hee Gary, great keynote and i love the time, attention and answers u gave the q&a part! U gave crazy amount of value to so many ppl. I took most out of setting a goal and work backwards and knowing ur current clients, why they stay and market those reasons. Hope to have u back in Amsterdam soon, when you do pls insta, fb that shjt so i can come stalk u 😉 cheers and much love man!

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  29. My favorite question was the consultant. To this day, I was worried about scaling what I did for a living which was massage therapy. I had clients such as the founder of Home Depot and some other some other notable clients that were in the business world. The only thing was, giving a massage is a one to one type of business. So I just know how to scale it from there. Now I have to wrap my mind around starting a business without the therapist doing what I used to do to the best of their ability but remaining financially loyal to me.

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  31. Gary, thank you for posting this! Your content is amazing and such a help. Please keep it coming.

  32. What product does the ad placement after someone looks it up you mentioned it around 1:40 but never said the name of the product? Thanks Gary❤️

  33. Great point in this one near 52:00 about only monetizing as Clark Kent and not as Superman. Solid perspective.

  34. 2:10:22 pounding the drum of some fake mendoza line of quality needed… = scratching your own ego of how great you are… And great as I may be, not everyone will bring the same energy into the room, and that needs to be ok if I want them to work.

  35. Favourite question is on the next book philosophy (from the Australian friend), because I have a feeling that "you're gonna die", "clouds and dirt", "macro-patience micro-speed", "self-awareness" and so on are going to stay as major components of your legacy.
    Looking forward for "Perfectly Parented"!
    Thank you for sharing the whole talk. 🙂

  36. Awesome man..real hustler even though his legs were paining standing for a long time..he gave the value and best content to practice….truth always win!!

  37. @45.22 Did Gary V just use the word vacation…good stuff, about time! take a step back and reflect on work once in a while

  38. I don't know if you will answer but just start my store online but no traffic and no sale. Really need help Sir

  39. Hey Gary, I listen/watch your videos everyday but I am compelled to say this – that you looked the most disinterested (and even a little bit of attitude) that I have ever seen from you. Sorry mate, dont kill me but had to say this. I still love you! 🙂 #Peace

  40. Garys great! 1:25 love that he just flowed with an audience members request and signed a copy of his book and posed for a photo-so friendly

  41. Love this! I loved the most the question coming from the guy with the "hosting business" … why because the discussion around it contains lots of information that I need it to know.

  42. Love the Knicks sweater Gary! Hopefully the young team can gel this season 💪🏼 keep up your stuff, killing it 👌🏼

  43. 2:20:30–2:21:23 I played that part over and over again. This was the most serious Gary was during the whole speech…I've got to sort some things out in my own business/family dynamic.

  44. "Shxt we building can't be fathomed."-Corporate

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  45. Gary, you remind me of Albert Einstein – a true genius who failed in school!! It’s impossible to describe how smart, how insightful, how forward-thinking your brain is!!! You’re the best strategist, philosopher, and visionary!!!

  46. 32:19 – DON'T listen to what he SAYS but WATCH what he is doing. He doesn't advertise. Instead, he acts like a media company and produces content/talks etc, so he has top of funnel brand awareness which then fills his media company with business, because that content funnels company execs into Vaynermedia.

  47. organizing my ebay listings while listening to this…voice all the way…I'm still partial to being able to check in on the video once in awhile. 🙂

  48. 52:10 – then why do it at all, at this moment? The guy has got bills to pay currently, like he said.

    Gary V monetises as Clark Kent by getting paid to do his stage talks. His daily vids he does for free but like he said at 32:19, he does this to get paid for talks and also to funnel the big fish to Superman (Vaynermedia) where you can bet your ass he is monetising Superman and getting paid huge $$.

    So, Gary is monetising his own content. Yet he is advising you to not monetise your Superman (and you don't have a $100m media company I'm guessing).

    A lesson for fans like he says at 32:19 don't listen to what he says, watch what he does.

    The thing with people like Gary is they wear the veneer of wanting to help others. And I have no doubt they do. But #1 is their own self mission, which is getting paid or a derivative of that, so they can hit their own goals (like buying the Jets – what are you going to buy them with, FB likes or tweets?).

    You're only given value by these guys if it is beneficial for their own long term gain (and there is nothing wrong with that but quit making out like you're ONLY trying to help the audience).

    He says he doesn't need to monetise his audience, yet tweets on Nov 17th that 'I would love your business' and adds his new wine company url.

    The problem is that strong alpha type personas like Gary V and the Cardones of this world always attract the type of mind who wishes they could be like these guys, because they are pretty much the opposite (weak willed, hazy goaled, wantreprenuers).

    This is why Gary is constantly frustrated by the lack of action his audience takes. They literally watch him for the entertainment value. I know this because when he is on stage working himself into a frezied rant at the audience, they are laughing (in case you didn't realise, he is talking to YOU, and if you knew that as a serious business person, you would never laugh at it's truth because its seriousness would make you see how far behind you actually are).

    I like Gary but if you're watching this, please think for yourself. I believe Gary is trying to help but he also has his own agenda, that I think people forget about sometimes.

  49. My favourite question is always, 'why do you want to do this? Who are you doing this for? That always tends to circle back on the individual and self-awareness. This resonates with me since I am also at this stage.

  50. The lady who thought C at the set of scale her business and the other person who is talking about having a Tech partner

  51. My favorite question was about adding your logo to your brand. And you answered that Adding an add to Superman was stupid. I really liked your analogy about you being Clark Kent for eleven hours and separating that from your Garyvee brand. Really cool moment there.

  52. omg dude this is worth soooooooo much $$$$$ !!!!!!!! and it's FREE!!!! if you arent here taking notes WTF are you doing!?

  53. My biggest question is: How do you get C-level to adept and accept experimentation? Because most of the time it's like "Feel free to experiment, but we cut your budget if you don't succeed."
    As a Head of Marketing I could do a lot – like we've just launched a podcast but kept it minimal because my team can't guarantee that it will push sales because it's a very new medium and we might need 6 months to figure it out. A lot of these new options (podcasts, Amazon skills, Insta Live) improve branding, but conversion is a long term game not a short term that management expects.

  54. i liked any question that dives deeper into leveraging social media. i know you can Google how to do it but if that was the ultimate answer in learning how to do it properly everyone would be doing it. practical, first hand knowledge is much more valuable.

  55. There were so many great questions that it's hard to choose one, but the one I resonated the most was probably the one of the lady that is struggling with people not meeting her standards.
    I actually faced something very similar only that for me the standard that wasn't met was the client's. More than once I've hired someone with a great protfolio, great attitude, and a lot of clarity for the project, and ended up failing to deliver on their own standards.
    So even though it's only me and my CMO in my business, I've been struggling to define the best way to work with other people.
    Right now my idea is to keep a very small but committed and capable home team (3-5 people), while getting freelancers in for the bigger projects.

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