Mass Effect PLASMA RIFLE (Nerf Gun Mod)

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100 thoughts on “Mass Effect PLASMA RIFLE (Nerf Gun Mod)

  1. What'd you guys think? Should we mod more NERF GUNS!? Subscribe so you don't miss the BIG TEST. WE'RE GONNA BLOW SOME STUFF UP!
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  2. Duuuudde make a sword please its was my child hood dream and i miss it if you cant its fine but if you can you will fill a child hood of someone

  3. Can you make a rail gun but instead of accelerating a solid projectile an electric ark (witch ionizes particles[plasma])

  4. Is it like, deadly? I mean, if someone (or something) is hit by an "ammo", will he get slightly injuried, injuried dangerously, or dead?
    I'm asking because I'm not aware of the power of the materials you used…

  5. I would love to see you build something that fires this kind of projectile, heated by an induction coil, but which has some sort of feeding system from a magazine that allows you to fire repeatedly.

  6. This is interesting, so there’s (I’m guessing) a small pressure chamber that is charged and the quickly opened releasing the air thus pushing the out of barrel projectile down range, however I was curious as to if say you used a Co2 cartridge I think the 12g ones are like 800psi and then just bursted it shot by shot into without having a pressure chamber it would it have similar results?🤷‍♀️

  7. Hey man
    I know you may or may not see this but i am a HUGE fan
    I wanted to contact you and ask you the approximate cost of some projects
    Pls respond

  8. that's no plasma , that's a bullet yo , make it shoot real plasma or it dosen't deserve the title , cool gun tough

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