Meet The Team at Downing IP: Hazel, Trainee Trademark Attorney

My name is Hazel Maclean and I’m a
trainee trademark attorney at Downing IP. After finishing studying classics I was
excited to be able to use my skills, analyzing literature and art in a
professional capacity. I joined here working as clerical support and I was helping with the filing. And then I was taking an interest in the files, and they recognized that I was inquisitive, and they suggested that I become a
trainee trademark attorney. Downing IP is a nice company to work for, it’s quite small and friendly but there’s a lot of expertise between the attorneys, so it’s perfect for training. Outside of work, I do a lot of mountain climbing and generally, things in the mountains so fell running and wild swimming. I’ve had a good day when I found something interesting or something I wouldn’t have otherwise stumbled across and it’s made me think about something in a different light, or if I found something which I find quite funny.

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