MegaYacht Flying Fox – What’s Wrong with this Brand New SuperYacht?

All right check it out so this is a M/Y
flying fox, huge thing 136 meters this is a Galaxy of Happiness
right here in the way it dwarfs that yacht
Lisbon 136 meters as I said, 9100 gross tons so as you can see it’s
it’s docked in in La Ciotat and it’s docked next to the drydock here the dry dock’s
directly behind it and if you’ve seen my other video this with this vessel is
docked right now is where the original drydock used to be and they reduced the
drydock down to 200 meters and it barely fits into that port so that there was a hundred and thirty-five meters to play with that so that’s how
much they reduce that dry dock by and it’s and it’s docked right there now so
that’s the benefit of reducing the drydock as they’ve got some berth space
for big yachts. I mean they can all also fit around the other side if it’s
available but currently it’s not so that’s why this is docked here. So let’s
take a look at some of the features of this yacht. As you’ll see in the aerial
footage from the rear of the vessel from the stern you should see a
huge swim platform and basically it’s where the owners will dive into the
water from there occasionally it’s more often used as a place to launch the
tenders from just forward of that you’ll see a huge
pool it’s more like a pool that you sit in
and hang out and rather than one that you swim laps in but it’s
quite deep quite quite wide pool If we go up we’ll see a massive helicopter
landing pad on the sundeck or on the top deck they’re huge helicopter landing pad
on the heli deck there to see the number 18 that’s the D value the D value is the
diameter the largest diameter of the helicopter with the rotors turning it’s
gonna become a very popular now to have a helicopter landing pad but this
has got to this vessel it’s got one on the bow which is a bit smaller a bit
more regular but the one on the sundeck it’s massive if we go to the
mass to look at some of the technical stuff on the mast the center mast you’ve
got your radars and then you’ve got the communications right at the very top of
the mast you’ve got an antenna there I’m gonna guess based on my experience is it
is for internet. The reason why I think it’s a VSat is because like I said
there’s no blockage it’s got one singular unit at the top. Now on either
side of the mast you’ll see two giant 3.4 meter antennas they are
most likely television antennas don’t look at it as four separate antennas
look at it as two sets of antennas so the forward on the port side and the
starboard side they are a couple and the ones behind there a couple and the
reason why that is because the mass sits right in the middle by the VSat we’ll
see a round unit there that is a what looks like a Flir MU 600 series
thermal-imaging camera and they are there’s two I can see one four on one
aft they retail at 220 thousand dollars each and they’ve got two
so then we go forward of that and then like I said we go to the bow and we’ve
got this we’ve got the second helipad you can see on that on the bow here as
well right here is a they’ve got a mast their requirement to have a mast which
is which goes up at night and as a light on it navigational light so it can be
seen by on coming vessels I don’t know why it’s up right now because they’re in
port it could be that there are some
maintenance is getting done on it one thing I have noticed about this yacht is
is the location of the bridge you can see that the bridge is actually on the
lowest deck which is actually the windows are actually in line with with
the bow helipad that is very unusual that the bridge should be on the deck
above to give it maximum visibility when you are in that when you were on that
bridge and you look out there all you can see is a helipad
you’ve really limited on your view out of those windows this is obviously a
something that’s happened to maximize the space for the owners the person
behind the wheel will have especially going into a port or leaving a port it’s
gonna really give them a limited visibility there so that’s pretty much
it from what I can see and I’m gonna leave it there I hope you enjoyed this
video if he did so they make sure I give it a thumbs up don’t forget to subscribe
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12 thoughts on “MegaYacht Flying Fox – What’s Wrong with this Brand New SuperYacht?

  1. Think of all the jobs & people employed to build such a magnificent machine & then all the people employed to maintain it. Without rich $$$ people regular people would be poor. The only exception to the rule are Hedge Fund Billionaires (George Soros) those people are thieves.

  2. The Pilot Deck has the Cameras above to see forward and behind at night as well!

    Lovely boat but It's a wee bit to Small for just me……………


  4. The cost of acquisition stands in no relation to the cost of maintenance. Only buy a yatch if you can afford two.
    Aristoteles Onassis.

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