“MERCY? MERCURY?!” – HAchubby does Logo Quiz!

Okay chat let’s go very good, today go to the..uhhhh…very very fun quiz Let’s go! English quiz, I like this quiz I don’t know, maybe this is very difficult or very easy…I didn’t know Yes But just a try let’s go Okay let’s go Level One Oh this is uhhhh…..Facebook Facebook Awesome, oh point one thank you so much Oh Nike Nike Nike, I know chat N I K E nike IN INSTAR Instagram Ah ah ah pringles I don’t know Why not? I don’t know Nooooo Not “pringirl” Oh my god “Pringels” wow Wow, so hard Oh Twitter Twitter Twitter twitter twitter I know What is that? I don’t know what is that? I really, I don’t know “Marshmallow peepoFat” Oh marshmallow? Oh nooooooo Not marshmallow What is that?! I don’t know Pepsi! Pepsi, easy clap What is that? Two lion Ah maybe Red Bull?! Red Bull Red Bull Oh really? I didn’t know this image Google google Android Android Android Android Android..Korean, I know Pizza Hut Pizza Hut Pizza Hut A lot of Pizza Hut Very easy dude Oh my god, what is that? Ah what? Maybe “nationer”….“nationer” this? German? Nationoner German? I can’t “Hint the whole answer LULW” What? What is that? I don’t know TOS, what? Sorry, you’re very weird, I’m so sorry Very weird TTS, I’m sorry, thank you $2 “let’s talk about about me, let’s talk about the 6’8 frame the 37 in verticle leap…the black steel that drapes down my back aka the bullet proof mullet, the google prototype scopes with built in LCD LED 1080p 3D sony technology The Ethiopian poisonous catapillar aka SLICK DADDY. lets talk about the cabinets right behind me that go 40ft deep” I don’t know what is that What is that? Oh cheetah? Cheetah No? Cheeto Ahhhh, I know I know, maybe this? Seal Oh yes Window Window WIN DOWS WIN DOWS this is famous CNN Of course I know Star? What is that? Maybe maybe this is shoes “Canverse canverse” “Canveors” “Canveosf” “Canveoso” “Canveosk” S**t CAN Maybe? In Korea, pronunciation is just “Canverse” So I’m very confused Amazon So easy McDonalds McDonalds MAC DO NALD Maybe….moc donaldu Oh really? Maybe But why just M C…this is muk Skype Skype Ahhh sky Fanta Fanta Fanta Fanta Fanta easy Burger King Oh really? What is that? Why just M? Why just M? MVP? MVP…oh where is P Oh maybe..sports team name M L B? T? WTF? What the f**k No? I don’t know What? Ahhhhh I saw this, now I remember, now I remember This is a lot of youtube uhhh mark What is that…ahhhh maybe Nutella? Chat I know, oh my god! This is uhhh..I know, I know this, I know Camel Yes Ah cigarette Oh convenience store yes, some human uh want uh buy this uhh company uh $4 die, so I know this company YOUTUBE! YOUTUBE Yay, perfect Adobe Yes What is that? Juicy funny? What is that? Ah fruit Understand Oh car..car company What car? What car? What this car? What car? Start me..huh, I don’t know Mer? Mercy? Mercury? What is that? Not car? What is that? Peter Pan? Little prince What is that?! Dream….weird? Worse? Dream..works Chrome Chrome Chrome Oh my god What is that? Ghost? Why buy? Why this is not free? Noooooo I don’t know, I really don’t know Just answer please chat, I’m just really curious what is that “Simpchat” Snapchat? “Shipchat” Nooooooo What is that? Famous? Oh London? LEN DEN I didn’t know this company Link? Link? What is that? What is that? What is that? Licked? Licked right? Very fun this This app very fun

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100 thoughts on ““MERCY? MERCURY?!” – HAchubby does Logo Quiz!

  1. All jokes aside this is the equivalent of us taking a Korean test, we wouldn’t even be able to recognize a single letter. This girl is actually smart af.

  2. Anybody else notice the way she speaks at 4:41

    Her voice isn't so high and there's no broken English Korean accent.

    Is Hachubby playing us all for fools?

  3. Facebook
    Red Bull
    Pizza Hut
    Nationer German
    Bergur King
    Juicy fruit

  4. i love hachu but come on… how can you not know snapchat? or linkedin? yeah she’s korean but still there are many famous companies she should know of or recognize and it’s frustrating and sad that she doesn’t; and i’m not even american and i still recognized all of them so what’s her excuse? :/

  5. I never imagined a world where I would watch somebody play Logo quiz games on their phone in a language they barely have a grasp of, but here we are.

  6. Let’s just say she should win an Oscar for how she acts like she’s dumb her streamer persona which I usually don’t mind because T1 is the same but she is so over exaggerated and people think it’s her being real

  7. i can’t do english quizzes they are so hard… many other non-american could agree with me even if not now but at some point in there life

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