Metroid Talk (Why We’re FREAKING OUT Over a Logo)

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100 thoughts on “Metroid Talk (Why We’re FREAKING OUT Over a Logo)

  1. Barely noticed Metroid honestly, I was far to busy getting hyped because of the next main series Pokemon confirmation. Idk Metroid's just not my thing.

  2. Never played a Metroid game through to completion or even too far beyond the first few levels or whatever. Probably gonna give the 2D one a shot.

  3. I think there is one thing phazon can still be used for. In prime 1 it was space pirates finding it and trying to use it. in prime 2 it was phazon splitting a world in two. In prime 3 it was a phazon planet attacking. But it also was where some people got infected and the federation used it to enhance these people. The only bad thing was that the people got corrupted. What if prime 4 takes place after metroid fusion, where samus blew up a research station which was used to study the metroid. At that point the federation deems samus an enemy. What could happen is the federation deciding to go back to the phazon thing after all metroids were blown up and thus unusable. They could try to weaponize it and Samus could find out. Knowing what she does about phazon she could be trying to stop the federation.


  5. metroid 5 would be very hard to pull off well for a few reasons.
    1. Ridley
    ridley is dead now. really, actually dead. we're looking at a series staple gone.
    2. Samus
    samus is a lot weaker now, but i could see them doing some cool stuff with her being part metroid now.

  6. Y…you do realize a reason meteoroid 2 remake happened was because the fan remake was like 90% finished right? And that was unacceptable in nintendo's eyes? I'm sure a lot of the fan love for the series making it happen was a much stronger reason, but it's also just cause nintendo was being petty about it to some detail.

  7. I reacted just like Arlo did for Metroid Prime 4 when I saw Mario & Luigi Bowser’s Inside Story + Bowser Jr.’s Journey.

  8. I hope it takes place after Metroid Fusion. I'd love to see Samus on the run being persecuted for genocide against the X

  9. Everyone thinks it’s fine for Metroid to have a ds port but when Luigi’s mansion gets one no that’s bad Nintendo

  10. Remember how in Fusion, Samus's body was permanently altered with Metroid DNA and she was on the run from the Federation after blowing up another planet? You do? Well Nintendo sure doesn't. (Metroid Fusion 2, please.)

  11. I did not like the Gamecube controls. I started playing the whole trilogy on the Wii, which was a superb experience

  12. I dunno man. I tried Metroid Prime 1 and 3. Wasn’t for me. I’m not a fan of directionless back tracking – which these games seem to have a lot of.

  13. Meanwhile in microsoft
    Xbox one x gets minecraft in 4K!
    meanwhile in nintendo

  14. Metroid prime was facing off against a halo launching in the same month before. Now, halo is MIA, Mass effect had andromeda, destiny 2 is still trying to become as good as 1, no man's lie was not the next big thing, star citizen is in limbo and star wars is enveloped in the controversy of the year. The sci-fi field has whioed itself out. Now is the perfect time for a metroid prime 4 with a meaty campaign and a solid multiplayer to step up.

  15. I don't know why Arlo is excited for this. He's just gonna say it's "too hard" when it comes out, heh

  16. It is a big deal to us but anyone who screams is overreacting I will admit I wanted to scream in my happiness.

  17. Reminds me when Starfox Zero came out. We didn't have an original in almost a decade and I feared Nintendo gave up on the series.

  18. In Prime 4, they need to have a scene where you play as Dark Samus first person as a flashback that somehow ties into the story perfectly. Always have been somewhat jealous of Dark Samus's bada** suit.

  19. Metroid is like sonic at first there were some good games that made you want to come back for more but then later turned to shit and has yet to ever recover

  20. Nintendo needs to focus more on dormant series. F Zero, Animal Crossing, Metroid, Kid Icarus, Punch Out, Ice Climbers. Nintendo labo could do something great with Punch Out boxing gloves.

  21. You know what would be kinda cool? If samus at some point goes back to Tallon IV to Chozo Ruins to get items she somehow lost again, but this time there are new areas

  22. I'm really excited for the game on the switch. Not because I'm a metroid fan, but because I'm a smash bros fan and Samus main, and this will be my first metroid game.

  23. I have never played a metroid game, but the only nintendo console I own is the switch, and I don't wanna go and buy different consoles, I really hope they port over some metroid games

  24. Prime 4 needs to bring some new stuff to the table. Samus returns didn't do that well 270000 copies sold.
    I love metroid hopefully prime 4 will break into e-sports. With out sacrificing anything from the campaign. We can only hope.

  25. More than a year later, we still don't know what Retro is working on, nor what Prime 4 looks like.
    Also, shitty online service. God, I love Nintendo.

  26. Metroid Prime 4 is coming to The Game Awards in December with a brand new trailer, and it been finally confirmed that Ginnifer Goodwin will be starring in the game as Samus Aran, and that's it

  27. 7:30 Actually, Sakamoto never said that the Metroid Prime games are in an alternate universe; he just said that their events were more of a self-contained story arc that didn’t affect the story arc of the 2D games. Which is true enough, but the Prime games and 2D games DEFINITELY exist in the same canon.

  28. Hey Arlo, Ginnifer Goodwin will be motion captured and voicing Samus Aran in Metroid Prime 4, it's so great about it

  29. i wish for the option of to play in a 3rd person view
    NOT REMOVING 1ST PERSON but give us the choice to switch between the 2 perspectives, 1st person for shooting and situations where you are battling enemy and or a boss, and 3rd person view for platforming and exploring situations

  30. I just can't make myself be hyped for Metroid Prime 4 when all we have is a logo and nothing else. We don't even have a name for the game, like Echoes or Corruption. I just can't feel that hype without remember that there's such a good chance it'll be canceled, seeing as how we don't even have a release date. Still excited. I just wouldn't call what I have hype.

  31. Watching this again in 2019 while still waiting for Nintendo to tell us SOMETHING about Prime 4.
    Seriously, we know less about Prime 4 than we initially knew about Breath Of The Wild, and even THAT had a gameplay teaser very early on!

  32. Good news and bad news. Nintendo released an update finally but the bad news is they completely scrapped everything that they have done with the game so far and are starting from scratch. The good news us that they are getting retro studios, the makers of the other prime games to work on it instead. So while we will have to wait probably another 2 to 4 years for it to be released, I think they made the right decision. Especially if they thought retro would handle it better than the studio they had working on it. (Cant remember which one it was) If we are lucky, since retro worked on all the others, they might already have had an idea planned out for story and gameplay so they wont have to plan as much. While disappointing, I'm willing to wait for the game if it means it will be done well by the original makers.

  33. And then he finds out that Nintendo decided to throw everything out and restart development from scratch…

  34. Personally I really liked Other M. But that might be because I was in a special position at the time.
    See, I didn't play many Metroid games. The only ones I did were Fusion and Zero Mission on GBA when I was a kid, and later again on an emulator (rip). I never played any of the 3D Metroid games until Other M came out. When I saw connections between it and Fusion I was hooked. I didn't care about anything else but enjoy the game to death.

  35. 3:55 Funny, because that’s exactly what they did with Kirby: Star Allies and yet you complained about it for that game.

  36. 4:47 yeah… heh… retro studios will most certainly never be involved in the development of this game

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