Mind Brand (Dj-Jo Remix) Ver. Kuraiinu feat. Dr.R (ENGLISH)

Original Song: Maretu English Translyrics: Jubyphonic Japanese Rap: Dr. R Remix: Dj-Jo WELCOME TO THE MIND F**K Illustration is by Sati Akura not Maretu. I apologize for getting that incorrect. Hold on a second ma’am without a care The clothes you wear, don’t give a damn Sleeping up and down the block They got you knocked up by a man Thinking you’re the mother mary Pure but very dumb and can’t Kick the dick from out your mouth But do you even understand? Hold on a moment sir without a heart What kind of shit you tryin’ to sell? Talking up a simple girl Ya picked her cherry very well Promising the sun and moon The story that you always tell Now you’re out the door?! I hope you cherry pick your way to hell “When’s it coming? Can’t recall Oh mirror mirror on the wall” Sex and bitter cynicism Laughing, watch it start to fall Picture perfect pandering Pathetic, made you miserable Though I shouldn’t care I couldn’t wait to finally see them all in hell (I’ll drag them as we crawl) Ah, doing it right, feeling that high, taking what’s mine And I feel just fine You took it all away so now this hero cries in pain Holding you tight, fighting all night, telling me why But I can’t rewrite The memories I made of you and me, won’t go away WELCOME TO THE MIND FxxK SIT DOWN BITCH Ano yoru mitai na kokei
(Just like you did that night) WHEN YOU SUCKED HIS DICK YOU SHOULD’VE CUT HIS LITTLE SHTICK Ima no danjou na kankei
(Boy-Girl relationships these days) Tada FUCKING UNTIL YOU COME, EH?
(just fucking until you cum, eh?) Mite gora’n sono baka na FUCKING MUCK
(Look at them, so stupid, a pile of fucking muck) Hai ninshin shite’ru hitorigurashi no kata dozou
(Pregnant, single women waiting in queue. Next please) Baka mo koko de baka mo
koko de baka mo koko de koko
(One idiot here, another idiot here and one more here) Shourai no yume nante kanaekko ne’n janee
(You won’t have the slightest chance to fufill your future dreams) Kare to VIBRATOR, PLAY TIME OVER
(Your lover and the vibrator, play time over) Kekkon surubeki, mukashi kiite’ta hade na burajaa
(It’s time to get married, that flashy bra you used to wear) YEAH, OH, STRIP IT OFF mou seishun nante RIP IT OFF
(Strip it off, no more youth) FUCKING VIRGIN Omee no manko o furari furari bakka ni sasageta kara
(Showing your pussy like that) kusotta baka ga naka tashite tane dashite
(No wonder some idiot banged you and filled you with his seed) ONE NIGHT STAND sore wa ONE LIGHT STRAND
(One night strand and that one light strand) Ah, changing my face, bearing that pain, joy that I made And you threw away The heroine alone and weeping all throughout the night Feeling okay, talking all day, repeating that play But they just won’t fade The memories we made of you and me, l couldn’t fight Poker face but the lies you buried deep were found Run away but there will be blood to go around Try to hide but the scars will open up again “Didn’t like but it’s gonna hurt you in the end” Take it in stride, meeting your eyes, planning all night Remember those times? Wallowing away in things I know I just can’t change Laughing at jokes, getting so close, didn’t we know that time goes so slow? The memories are fading, I’ll say goodbye to everything!! Na nana nana nana nana nana nana nana WELCOME TO THE FUCKING
WORLD THAT YOU AND I ARE LIVING IN Na nana nana nana nana nana nana nana Hitotsu no machigai omae no SUFFERING
(One mistake and now you’re suffering the consequences) Kusatta shakai ni SHACKLE hi ni
nigete koto de dekiru wanko
(Shackled by this rotten society like a dog) Baba to mama gomen’nasai tte itte mo
(Even if I apologize to my mom and grandma) Nanimo kawaranai nani mo shittemo tsurai
(Nothing will change, the end result is always pain) 「I LOVE YOU」sore wa uso KNEW
“I love you” you knew that was a lie Na nana nana nana nana nana nana nana Na nana nana nana nana nana nana nana Na nana nana nana nana nana nana nana Na nana nana nana nana nana nana nana Thank you for watching!!

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100 thoughts on “Mind Brand (Dj-Jo Remix) Ver. Kuraiinu feat. Dr.R (ENGLISH)

  1. Damn, I'm early (4h after premiere, so yeah, that's early for me) and damn, I didn't expect this. Had this song on repeat for a while a few days ago and now that I was finally listening to other stuff (on repeat), here I am again 😀 Thank you so much for this Remaster <3

  2. Think of a comment, think of a comment…
    I can't

    That's the comment. It's literally too good for words. Go home guys.

  3. The only complaint I have is the remix. For me, it uses a bit too much dubstep, but tbh, it’s not too big of a dislike of mine. The remixed inst is for the most part great. The vocals from both Kura and R are excellent as always. Juby’s lyrics were a good choice for this I think. Overall, I’d rate this a 9.85 out of 10. If I had money, I’d buy this. Thanks a ton to all involved (Dj-Jo Included) for making this an excellent cover.

  4. My boy this is an AWESOME cover!!! also just want to take a moment to say im glad your still on youtube! i was always a ghoster and never comment but ive been a fan for a few years now and im glad you seem happier now, i hope so at least! keep doing you you got this <3

  5. I adore Dr.R's rap and the soft yet high voice of Kuraaaaa, they compliment each other a lot!! However I thought it would be different lyrics but they are still goooodddd!

  6. i’m a fan of the original song, lets see what i think of thi- HOOOO MY GOD. OH MY GOD. HOLY HELL. WICKENFKWMJSONF


  8. HOLY- This is probably the best version I've heard so far! May I just say, I was not ready for this masterpiece but also ready at the same time. Keep up the good work!

  9. 大好きな曲が。。アレンジされててとても嬉しい、そしてカッコいいです!!

  10. Just when I tought that maretu fans should not expect anything new since it looks like maretu is either going to take a break or not going to be as active as he/she used to be.

  11. This is remix and Kuraiinu's voice is too perfect. ;-;
    Am I the only one who would really like it if he sung a cover of Alice in N.Y.? That would be everything.

  12. The illustration is NOT by Maretu it is by Sati Akura. (View her cover here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zcD3DZUxJRI ) I am so sorry for getting that wrong.

  13. Alguien que me diga si en la parte que no está cantando en inglés es coreano o japonés jajak:(

  14. Your rap skills are AMAZING!! ❤ And your japanese killed me. You're AWESOME!!!!! ❤uwu
    Can you considerate sing a song of Hypnosis Mic? Seriously I think it would be incredible!


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