Mini YTP – The Fine Bros. Trademark Reaction Videos

Hey, look what we made! Hello everyone Today, we are very excited to react to the world Wow It’s really big! We even trademarked it! You must be stoned, Fine Brothers It’s a reaction video you didn’t make it

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69 thoughts on “Mini YTP – The Fine Bros. Trademark Reaction Videos

  1. Unfortunately, there seem to be a lot of anti-Semitic comments being made on Fine Bros. related videos, so just know that any racist comments made here will be deleted (I've never gotten any racist comments before, but I just thought that I'd point that out).

  2. I mean seriously why are they trying to copyright the word react omg that is beyond stupid this made me laugh jim thanx XD

  3. I'm just waiting for IHE to make a video on these guys. He's stated before he doesn't care for them, and I'd say this slip-up is the perfect opportunity to talk about them.
    Nice video by the way!

  4. I unsubscribed to those inbred gargoyles months ago. The react videos were getting really repetitive and their non react videos are just terrible.

  5. I like how one of the Fine Bros. is plastered over Luigi's face at the beginning and moves his mouth like a dummy. It looks amausing when he does that.

  6. Wow, your animation skills are higher and hgiher with every video.
    Well guess I'm in touble now that they trademarking it…

  7. OMG The Fine Bros have done it. A war between them against the internet! Also I see you used the Sanns disclamer again XD

  8. This video was pretty good all around, but when I made it to the ending with the "this video has been removed" thing, I just lost it XD

    Also, the "sub-par" sentence mixing added to the humor of this video for some reason. I guess it only works when you do it.

  9. I miss the old Fine Bros. You know, when they weren't trying to trademark the word "React". Just be thankful that I Hate Everything isn't trying to trademark the word "Hate". IHE would never do something that stupid.

  10. Sure, it was a stupid decision on their part, but I almost kinda feel bad for the Fine Bros. The internet will NEVER let them live it down!

  11. Hey guys, I have an idea. How about we all trademark a specific word or action and see how they like it?

    I'm choosing "Drink"

  12. I HATE THEM SO MUCH. I HATE THEEEEEEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    People aren't allowed to FUCKING REACT TO ANYTHING NOW!?!?!?

    They're ALLOWED TO OWN THAT!?!?!?

    I was thinking of making a 'reaction' video of my own. But not really a reaction, just about this. Who thinks it'll get taken down? I do!!!

  13. What's worse, 'Viacock' and 'we don't give a FOX', or the 'not fine in the heads bastards'?

    I can't come up with something straight forward. Sorry. XD

  14. This is all The Fine Brothers Entertainment's Fault for ruining YouTube!
    We have to stop DMCA Takedown Abuse and The Fine Brothers Entertainment!


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