More SACRED SYMBOLS – Sacred Geometry, Dream Symbols & How I Use Them (Pt.2)

Hi. In this video I’m going to continue talking
about sacred symbols and sacred geometrical shapes and patterns that I’ve been using to
make changes in my life. I have made a previous video about sacred
symbols, you can look it up, but over the last few months I have discovered that using
these tools that are available for us has truly, truly been a powerful way of helping
me expand my life and amplify energy and make things happen really, really fast in my life. So, I thought that perhaps if there is someone
out there who needs additional information or tools that can help them manifest certain
things in their life that maybe it would be a good idea to try out sacred symbols. So much information is coming through to me
from dreams. It’s almost like I’m being reminded of certain
symbols and they’re being given to me and when I follow their instructions about how
to use those specific symbols for my life the results have just been so breathtakingly
amazing. Anyway, so, my things is it’s such an important
thing I’m learning for myself and which I’m not constantly now putting emphasis on. To have a personal experience with any tool
you have been given, whether it’s a crystal, whether it’s anything, when you have first
hand experience using any spiritual tool, that’s all that matters. A lot of information is out there and it’s
useful information, but for me it’s very important for information to come straight from my heart. And as long as I’m thinking about how to apply
sacred geometry, logically or scientifically, it forces me to be in my mind and as long
as I’m processing things through my mind then that’s not happening for me. Things have to really come from my heart space
and even though there’s not an answer for it as long as long as I’ve been given that
symbol in my dream and as long as I’ve been shown how to use it, it doesn’t matter what
else is said about a specific symbol because symbols are very personal to us and I use
them and I get results, and that’s what matters, right? In the end that’s what counts. So, just a short refresher, sacred symbols
are basically energy, because everything is energy. And energy is transformed into matter, and
matter, when it takes on the shape of certain geometrical shapes, it changes the frequency. It changes the frequency of those shapes to
create something tangible and this has been proven for years and years and years. Sacred geometry has been used for years, from
the beginning of creation. And sacred geometry shapes have been used
for creation because there’s a certain energetic frequency around those geometrical shapes
and patterns that are in the universe. Like the circle has a certain significance. When you draw the circle there’s a certain
significance, when there’s a triangle there’s a certain significance, when there’s a square
there’s a certain significance and in the same way a symbol no matter what it is, no
matter how strange it is, if it means something to you and you use that symbol, there’s a
certain significance. Everything is energy, and once the energy
forms into matter, that’s it, right? That’s it. Okay, so, let me say this. How do you use sacred geometry? How do you apply the sacred symbols in your
life? From the way I have been shown personally,
I know that you can wear the sacred geometrical symbols on your body as jewelry. I usually take those shapes and place them
in my heart space. Like I imagine, I’m handed a pyramid, a pyramid
amplifies energy. I’m told that the pyramid shape is to be placed
in my heart. I take that pyramid shape and place it in
my heart and I’m told that the purpose for that pyramid is to elevate me. So anytime I need to be elevated in any specific
area of my life, I know that that pyramid shape is in my life and I just imagine me
getting elevated, in my heart and in whatever specific area that I need elevation needs
in. So those are specific instructions for me. So once, even though I use pyramid shapes
to amplify energy, because I’ve been given specific instructions that the pyramid shape
is to be applied, in my case, for elevation. If I need mental elevation, if I need to expand
myself in any way that I need elevation, I’m always going to be using the pyramid shape. And most of the time I place the pyramid,
the symbols, in my heart so that they can, their energies can flow in my body. Or I write them down, I drawn the symbols. You know, like I draw the symbol of a diamond
and I imagine visually the energy that is moving through. For example, for me this symbol of the diamond
represents a way to focus healing energy. And this is how I was shown. Diamonds could represent anything. In most cases it represents balance. The way I see it, the way I understand it
is it represents balance. The way it’s standing on it’s tippy toes,
so it always represents bringing back into a sense of balance. If you can balance yourself, or if I need
balance in my life I usually draw the symbol of a diamond. So there’s balance spiritually and there’s
balance below; as above, so below. Ying and Yang. There always has to be balance. When I’m sending energy healing, this is my
symbols because this is how I’ve been shown to focus the energy. So the energy will come from my heart Chakra
and through my third eye, through this space of the diamond with a white light and I’ll
send the energy that way. Because that is how I have been shown to use
the symbol of the diamond. So for me, the diamond sacred shape is to
focus energy, to direct energy to bring balance in my life. So that’s one way, I’d be curious to know
how any of you use that. And then another symbol that has been brought
to me lately that I’m so interested in is the oval. The oval shape. This is the symbol now, for me, of creation
because this oval shape, it reminds me of when the male energy and the female energy
come together to form creation. So the creation forms within the oval shape
and then, after it has formed from within, then you see it without. So in any creative project that I’m working
on, I use the symbol of the oval. I mix crystal grades with the oval. My work, the work that I’m trying to create,
I visualize an oval around the project and I see the formation of life, the creation
of that project within the oval and then I imagine that after a certain period of time
it’s going to manifest outwardly. And it also reminds me of the lesson, it all
starts from within then you will see the without. It’s never from an external point to inside. The creation is born from within and then
it goes without. It reminds me so much of… there’s no mystery
that we have the shape of an egg. You know what happens, the egg, you know,
it’s just the formation of life. And then, it’s just interesting, I am enjoying
this egg right now because it represents creation and this is such a time of massive creative
energy. And also this shiva lingam, the shape is just
oval, oval, oval. Creation, creation, creation. So I’m going to having and putting up a lot
of crystal grades for the oval shape. So, I’d also be interested to know how how
you’re using your sacred geometry. How your heart is leading you to use your
sacred symbols, no matter what they are. They don’t have to be the conventional symbols. Okay, then another symbol that I use is the
symbol of the cross. So the cross basically is something that is
used across so many religious, religious religions, okay let me leave it at that. So many spiritual, spiritual what? So many spiritual groups use the symbol of
the cross for whatever meaning. In a way, it’s a portal, it’s an opening to
connect one’s heart to higher powers. So when you want to open up your heart to
a higher power or to a higher portal you can use the symbol of the cross. You see people when they go to church, or
whatever, they use the symbol of the cross because it has a certain significance to it. It’s also like a symbol of transformation. When you are moving from one area of life,
from life to death, you are transforming your life so you can use the symbol of the cross
to represent that. It’s also a symbol of male and female balanced
energy. The male is across and the female is up to
down. So you can use the symbol of the cross when
you also want to balance yourself. So it has to be something personal for you. But I prefer to use it as a portal to help
connect me with divine powers or to spirit and also as a symbol of transformation. Crosses are.. there’s so many meanings assigned
to it but whatever you feel you are being led to use, that is a sign that you should
use. It’s a very very beautiful, very powerful
and potent symbol. Then of course the universal sign of love,
yes this one, everyone knows this, it has the energy of emotions and sensitivity around
it. Anyone who sees this symbol knows what it
means. So usually when you want to send love to someone
or when they have to do a lot of healing or grade work or interact with my friends I usually
use the love symbol. In almost everything, I put the love symbol
in my water, you know, I draw it with my fingers on the water that I drink or when I’m taking
a sea salt bath, which I love, I use the love symbol on it. I draw the love symbol in the air because
everything is energy and energy, and when you draw the symbols it takes a certain form
and charges the atmosphere with love, you know? You can’t underestimate the power of symbols. You have no idea what goes on behind the scenes,
but if you draw the symbols everywhere you are, you draw the love symbol, you draw the
cross, you draw the creation symbol, magic just begins to happen. You’ve got to try it, okay? So the love symbol is this one. And I also love this love symbol because usually
I use it in tandem with the infinity symbol. This upside down eight or however it is. And this symbol, I find it so amazing because
I’ve had friends that we share this infinity symbol. I use this to expand the love energy in my
heart with infinity symbol. So, I have a friend, that I usually send her
a symbol of love every time, just to maintain the connection. So, the infinity symbol, to me, symbolizes
the expansion of love from my heart, you know? We meet at the point in the middle and into
her heart. And she sends me a symbol of love from her
heart via the infinity symbol sign and into my heart so sometimes it depends on the color
of the infinity symbol I send her. I might decide well today I want a higher
heart chakra color so it’s a pink love color so I send an infinity symbol of love to her
and whatever color she feels like she needs to send to me, whether it’s a rainbow color
or a green heart healing color, she’ll send the infinity symbol to us and our friendship
has been maintained for a long, long , long, long, long period of time. And it’s just such a wonderful, loving sisterhood
relationship and this works all the time. When I have to meet people that I don’t know
or new strangers I usually just send infinity love symbol from my heart to theirs, you know? And you know after awhile you begin to learn
how to combine the symbols together for maximum impact. So, I’m curious to know how you use the infinity
symbol and how you use your love symbol. Maybe I shouldn’t ask because I’m sure everyone
knows what that means and how they use it. And then also there’s the symbol of the triangle. And many people say it’s the mind, body, spirit,
it amplifies energy, you know? But I use this symbol specifically for my
third eye, you know, to just focus energy and intention. So I would draw…. when I need inner guidance
sometimes I draw the triangle on my third eye and I use that to focus the energy from
this point into the spiritual space I want to tap into. And I sometimes also do it on my heart just
so there’s a connection between what I’m seeing with my third eye and what I’m seeing with
my heart. Because it’s very important for me to come
from the heart space in every way that I can. So, symbols are very, very important. Use them for your crystal grade, when you
have a crystal grade and you know what the meaning a symbol is you can use the shape
of that symbol. If you want to create something new in your
life, if you want to form something new in your life, you can make the crystal grade
in the shape of an oval. You know, and you can put anything inside
of the oval. Or however it is that you are led or guided
to use the symbol and then, just based on the fact that you understand the symbology,
then you can make your crystal grades, you can work your life, you can create stuff in
your life, you can create your projects and you don’t have to listen to what I’m saying
or what anyone else is saying. Be guided, because now wisdom is coming through,
especially through dreams. Try to remember your dreams, try to remember
what you are seeing. Whatever it is, if you’re given something
in your dream it’s for a reason, especially now. The frequencies are so high and our consciousnesses
are raising and a lot of information is coming through. So it’s useful information, don’t ignore it
and I’m telling you life is just going to be magical. I Mean that’s what I think. So let me know how you use your sacred symbols. If you are loving them just like I am or even
more, I would like to know. And leave your comments below, get in touch. I love you, and let’s just keep working the
magic. See you next time.

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15 thoughts on “More SACRED SYMBOLS – Sacred Geometry, Dream Symbols & How I Use Them (Pt.2)

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