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34 thoughts on “My Design Process Of A MINIMAL LOGO DESIGN *Step By Step*

  1. Every time I use the 'minus front option' in the pathfinder window, I suggest using a compound path instead, as to not commit to a destructive workflow
    Skillshare and the actual logo are linked in the description 👍

  2. Can you make a tutorial on colored logos ? Like the tree one's with leafs form a gradient . I wanna know how to do that . Or maybe if he has one , can someone redirect me to the tutorial ?

  3. Hello Satori! I love your videos and I recently grabbed your Skillshare promo and it was great! However I can't find any video related to making a brochure, could you give some tips on how to make a brochure preferably a brochure children' s school? Thanks!

  4. My goal is to make better designs that ain't too much but still have enough detail to give the message & I like the style u have when creating plus seeing this gives a better understanding on what points to lookout for when brainstorm

  5. Letter A is looking very artistic. Very nice step by step video on how to design a logo. (from penning the ideas on the paper to the final outcome.)

  6. That intro animation (triangles around circle, 😍) you keep stepping up your game each video! April 1 so close!!!! Please do make that tutorial. Anyone else reading this the negative space video he mentions is one of his best!!!
    Cheets Tom. Thank you for all your hard work.

  7. Sorry for a 2nd comment – slice tool, scissors, saw – those tools still cause me issues. Did not know thats how scissors worked!

  8. Satori Graphics i watched almost all your videos and is very usefull and interesting.For a while now I am engaged with logos, and you helped me a lot with those videos. Can you create a video how we can do Brilliant logos ( technics and some tips ).You are great designer.Unfortunatelly in my Country dont give us a lot oportunities to develop as Graphics designer. Keep walking! GJ!

  9. Thanks for such an informative video. It was really helpful. Pls do make a full video on logo design process. Will be eagerly waiting for that. Thanks.

  10. Satori Graphics if I may recommend the topic, printing a portfolio and going over the entire process and recommendations for material and self printing from home printers. Thank you

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