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48 thoughts on “My NEW Graphic Design Portfolio | Paola Kassa

  1. i completely agree that you’re one of the only female graphic designers that are putting themselves out there with personality the way you are! i think what you’re doing and showing is really amazing, as well as your work. i really look up to you! :’) keep it up! happy new year 💞

  2. I love love love your design videos!! I'm looking for some other graphic design youtubers to watch and you mentioned you follow some female designers- what are their channels? I'd love to support them as well!!

  3. This channel is the best, I’ve taken all the tips and knowledge I can. Now I’m growing as a graphic designer. I’ve even created a YouTube channel to follow my progress. I would love some support and feedback from you.

  4. Girl, your work is awesome! I doubt you will have any issues finding a job very soon, your portfolio is very well put together 🙂 I've been doing this for about 6 years now professionally. It definitely is something that is constantly changing and you don't see a lot of girl graphic designers putting themselves out there either. Also, I think its totally ok to show some of your student work, I think I still have a couple there on my portfolio, just cause I really love them and they show other quirky styles I have too.

    P.s is SUCH a good place for Inspo too, incase you aren't aware of that site, feel free to check it out and my work if you want 🙂

  5. I'm currently coding my personal website/portfolio and as much as I'd like to give up and never look back, this video slapped me back into place! Subscribed!!!! We don't see enough female graphic designers on here, I think you're quickly becoming my favourite

  6. Hi Paola, I’m currently studying graphic design and for an assignment I need to talk to a few industry professionals and ask them a few questions, and I was hoping I could talk to you! Thanks xx

  7. Hi, really enjoyed your portfolio, great job! I have a question that is not entirely related to the video however, I am not too sure where to start my search, so maybe you will be able to advise me. Where could I find a motivated student who is looking to build their portfolio? I am in a process of building a business and have a lot of things that need to be done which could be a great practice and addition to the portfolio to someone.

  8. Nice. This helped me so I have a blueprint on what to do for my own professional portfolio. Like a guide. That's sis. ❤️

  9. Junior at the university of Akron in graphic design. kinda at that point of like "get your shit together!!!" really liked the video/your style! relieved to see I'm not like far off or behind or whatever lmfao. like that "shit. further along designer from another school. who got the better curriculum?????" cool too see like the same… progress?? regardless, good stufff dude!!!

  10. Hi! I’m planning on majoring in graphic design and I wanted to know if some of my work in my portfolio could be hand drawn/painted/colored/etc. I’m also curious if I could use photography that I’ve edited (maybe with using a green screen). Love your video!

  11. this my first video ive watched from you and I have to say that your so pretty and your video is so clear, to the point and most of all so helpful. Thank you 🙂 (I subscribed btw)

  12. Love your channel I'm a graphic designer as well!
    Just subbed, I'd love if you'd check out my channel <3

  13. I really enjoyed looking at your portfolio, great stuff.
    Also what the nice house music playing at your background

  14. I thought i wasnt looking hard enough! ive been looking for more female graphic design youtubers but cannot find much :(, glad i found this one, keep up the awesome work!

  15. Thank you for sharing! Can you share your process on how you are able to add your designs to a mock up on photoshop?

  16. hate people who say that they're weird about themselves. guess if you have to tell people you're weird you're not actually weird

  17. Such direct & valuable information provided clearly. 🙂 (also has anyone ever told you that you resemble Anne Hathaway in appearance and mannerism?) 🖤💫

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