#myNCstory – Graphic Design grad illustrates versatility at RAMM Design Labs

(rock music) – Madison Greer, graduate of
the graphic design program at Niagara College, 2015. – [Ryan] So how the company started, is about 10 years now, I guess. I was a DJ in Toronto and
started DJing some events for beer companies and such. A big event was coming
up between Wasaga Beach. The production manager said,
“Since we’re doing this event “on the beach for 5,000 people, “we’re going to need a DJ booth.” And I put my hand up and
said, “I’ll build it.” – [Madison] I heard about
it through a friend. They were like, “There’s
this really cool company.” They thought I’d be a
really good match for them. I just emailed them and said,
“Hey, this is my portfolio. “I just graduated.” And Jeff called me back
about an hour later, and he said, “Come in for an interview.” – [Jeff] Yeah, so Madison
actually opened our eyes to the Career Focus programs. We really didn’t know that
something like that existed. We spend a lot of time
locked in the office trying to come up with new ideas. – [Kristine] The Career Focus program is a federal government funded
program that Niagara College has been pleased to be able
to offer for the last year. And it’s a program that
supports recent graduates, from the ages of 15 to 30. And it helps them find
meaningful employment in their field of study
in high demand sectors. For small businesses and
businesses in general, it’s a funding incentive
program for employers to hire new grads. – [Madison] I know, there’s
so many different aspects of graphic design that you
can be all over the place. You don’t have to just be doing logos or just be doing
advertisements or whatever. You can do crazy stuff like this. (laughs) (rock music) (drum music)

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