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21 thoughts on “NeXT Logo – Paul Rand | Logo design & Designer review

  1. Fantastic! Enjoying your series alot. However, was there reasons he chose the colors for those letters? If the cube represents the product, I understood it as the box/product holding and being able to do many things in their product

  2. ممكن سؤال… لماذا تستخدم اللغة العربية لعوانين دروسك في بعض فيديوهاتك. مثال ( دورة ادوبي فوتوشوب ) كنت قد سميت اكثر من 10 دروس باللغة العربية مع العلم ان محتواك هو باللغة الانجليزية

  3. As a self taught wannabe graphic designer, it is so good and educational for me….. thanks alot. keep up the good work.

  4. Hi, can you please repost NeXT Logo Presentation because it's missing at:

  5. Thank you very much, David. I like your videos. Love the way you explaining great logos. I am a lecturer of design and visual communications in Indonesia (Asia), focussing on brand identity. Do you have Instagram account?, and are you a teacher of design too just like me?

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